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"In a single Trial.."

I'm tired of being forced to play with a SWF or get lucky and find a farming killer for Rift challenges. Please change these "challenges". They aren't even fun. I'd rather hit the killer with 20 pallets over the course of several games instead of intentionally having to find the killer, get them to chase me, then get lucky that the dedicated server's hamster doesn't have a stroke and fall off the wheel just so i can maybe get 4 pallet stuns a game.

Either change the challenges(Not make them easier, but something else. This is a grind game after all) or pony up and get some actual decent servers. Literally, the only thing making 99% of "In a single trial" challenges difficult are in fact the crap servers with the exception of the Dark Senses challenge. It literally took me over 40 games to finally be able to repair 4 gens in a single trial using Dark Senses because of how the community plays the game when you're solo even with communication in the pre-game lobby. I'm sure everyone's experience with these will vary, but it still holds true. Forcing chases is not an acceptable way to go about a cat and mouse game.

Don't even get me started on the killer challenges like hooking 5 survivors in the basement with Agitation in a single trial. Considering everyone suicides or DCs when more than 1 person is hooked in the basement at a time, which promotes camping and tunneling. Reserve these stupid challenges for achievements, not people who are curious about your game lore, which isn't even that great in the first place.

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