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Skins beside Survivor/Killer cosmetics?

xEaxEa Member Posts: 751

I was wondering why there are tons of skins for every Killer / Survivor but none for Toolboxes, Flashlights, Perk Icons, Hooks etc?

Would you like to see some of those?

Skins beside Survivor/Killer cosmetics? 22 votes

Yes definitly! NEEED!
FrozenMelonDr_LoomisFilledPizza 3 votes
Sure, why not?!
aGoodOldRubBossRockatanskyrenzoCheersTCI_am_NeganAven_FallenHoodiedxEaDreskiXxkuroxshiroxXTaigaBrucecastro81RobMeister88hysteria 14 votes
I dont care
Adelootoxicmegganonymous31337AAAAA 4 votes
No thanks, dont want skins
AhoyWolf 1 vote


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