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I was doing a bit of monitoring myself about this PTB

HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 8,808

I saw alot of the things people didn't like towards The Doctor's rework

Including his new changes done to Snap Out Of It and Shock Therapy's cool down

Simple things can be done to these to make him better in this state, even though in my opinion Doctor is stronger than he is in live in the PTB

-Make Snap Out Of It either A.) Go down to Madness 2 not Madness 1 B.) Have half of the total madness 1 be filled and cannot go down from it

-Doctor's cool down could, instead of 3 seconds after using Shock Therapy, be either 2.3 seconds or 1.5 seconds, this would possibly make it not look super odd when using it and seeing absolutely nothing on the screen but the normal HUD

I know that everything in the PTB can be subject to change

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