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Advice on Huntress Build

Trying to finalize the build I wanna use on Huntress and I need advice from veteran Huntress players who have a lot of experience on the Killer.

The two perks I’m 100% deadset on using are Whispers and BBQ. Whispers is so useful on finding out where I need to be and where I don’t need to be (which is a godsend on a slow character), useful in the beginning to find my first survivor, and overall a very informative perk that I find myself relying on heavily. BBQ for finding out where to go next after hooking a survivor, and of course for Bloodpoints which is always a great bonus.

For the third perk slot I’m considering either Nurse’s or Iron Maiden. Nurse’s I heard is a solid perk on a Huntress and I can see why, knowing where survivors are healing makes things go a lot smoother. But I’m also considering Iron Maiden because of the fast hatchet reloads without relying on add-ons, and also if a survivor suspects I’m using BBQ and hides in a locker to counter it, I can counter them by having this perk. (Side question: does Iron Maiden show the aura of the survivor getting out of the locker or is it a noise notification or something else?)

And for the last perk I wanted it to be something that slows the game down a bit, and I’m mostly between either PGTW, Corrupt, and Thrilling Tremors. I’m kind of leaning towards Pop because it might synergize with BBQ (hook someone, see a survivor working on a generator, go there and Pop the generator before chasing them). I just want to know what the more experienced Huntress mains think.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


  • bob_bobberbob_bobber Member Posts: 54

    Iron Maiden exactly like Doctor's madness.  You see a silhouette and a scream.

    My Huntress Build for ver 3.4.2.


    -Barbecue & Chili

    -Thrilling Tremors

    -Iron Maiden

    The combination of Thrilling Tremors and BBQ makes it easier to decide what to do after hanging the survivor on a hook.

    You can quickly determine which generator to look at and where to go best.

    Huntress will generally be better off if you help your search.

    Whisper can quickly determine whether or not to search, and can be used from the beginning to the end game, so it is compatible.

     Nurse's Calling can also add synergistic effects by using add-ons, and it will be able to show off characters who are careless in Lullaby.

  • kimukipikimukipi Member Posts: 137

    Corrupt, BBQ, Whispers, Nurses.

  • Rareware0192Rareware0192 Member Posts: 336

    Would generators affected by Thrilling Tremors (and Corrupt if you know) be highlighted in white kind of like Surveillance?

  • Aura_babyyAura_babyy Member Posts: 583

    I like both Nurse's and Iron Maiden for Huntress.

    Counters Head on and Inner strength

    I like that you use Whispers, I think whispers is a bit on the underrated side.

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 6,586

    Nurses, bbq, Ruin and whispers.

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,112

    Corrupt/PGTW, BBQ, whispers and nurses.

  • bob_bobberbob_bobber Member Posts: 54


    Locked generators are displayed in white highlighted.

    That means you only have to pay attention to the red highlighted generator

  • T2KT2K Member Posts: 637

    What addons are you using?

    If you ask me nurses or iron maiden, I would go for iron maiden. On R1 I dont get much out of nurses. They heal very quickly and experienced players dont heal in the lullaby. If I run nurses it usually gets the spot of whispers. Iron maiden is really fun with bbq. Also reloading faster is really comfy without addons. If Id use mangled on the hatchets I would go with nurses.

    I had games where Pgtw really saved me. But because you are low mobility I think its not that good on her regarding your perk loadout. If you are down to 3 gens close together its really good. Otherwise I felt it didnt really help me. If you go with a build like pgtw, thrilling tremors, discordance its more viable imo.

    I wouldnt recommend Thrilling tremors alone. It can be really funny in combination with bbq but I prefer only one of them because they serve similiar uses. I usually pick bbq over thrilling.

    Corrupt with whispers is really nice. Its not ruin but my substitute for it, even more in this combination.

    So I would use bbq whispers corrupt and iron maiden if you ask me.

    But there are also very useful perks depending on your addons and playstyle. Bitter murmur for example. Also things like save the best for last or haunted grounds can suprise and throw off survivors. I also really enjoyed monitor on her. Its crazy funny.

  • ALostPuppyALostPuppy Member Posts: 3,398

    Nurse's is a must have on Huntress. Iron maiden is a really bad perk, you search lockers fast enough without it or you can just run add-ons for that. You'll wanna replace ruin with corrupt when the new patch comes out. And then BBQ is another obvious one for her. So yeah that's basically the definitive Huntress build right now.

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