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Interesting idea`s and tweaks id like to discuss with the devs

First of all just wanna say i love the game and has been installed on my xbox ever since its release and im still playing it till this day. i know you all work hard on this game and i feel the suggestions below a great majority of players would get behind/enjoy.

First suggestion which is the biggest is the ability to sell items, add-ons and offerings. i know its a concern players might try to use this to boost certain characters up however with all the new characters in the game and their perks grinding the perks you want is going to get longer which has also been a concern and i feel having this will allow people to get BP`s back from items etc. they would not use such as these numbers:

  • Common = costs 3k BP (can sell for 800 BP)
  • Uncommon = costs 4k BP (can sell for 1,000 BP)
  • Rare = costs 5k BP (can sell for 1,250 BP)
  • very rare = costs 6k BP (can sell for 1,500 BP)
  • Ultra rare = costs 7k BP (can sell for 2,000 BP)

With these numbers spending 1,000,000 BP on a new character getting to level 30 and then selling every single item,add-on,offering would only return about 130,000BP due to the perks you brought. this is by selling everything however if people was to keep so many add-ons etc. the returns are even smaller but would allow people to sell the items they will never use (which is alot to me due to buying every character and survivor i have so many items ill never use but am still missing loads of perks for each character).

Other slight changes i thought would be good are:

  • Toolbox changes - be less efficient at gen repairs and more efficient at sabotaging hooks (similar to the medkit changes to benefit healing others more than just yourself)
  • Demogorgon - Have x amount of portals already placed around the map, due to these being easily seen and destroyed it can make this killer very weak early on not being able to set up against the more advanced players
  • Keys - Make the requirement of keys to escape the hatch more rare (with 2 survivors left there should only be 1 gen left to be able to unlock the hatch) however add x seconds of use to the keys to provide a better use for the item than a free escape
  • Moris - Make the moris only usable after that survivor has been hooked two times, but provide bonus BP after the trial (30% per mori up to 120%) this allows it to be more fun to go against but still rewarding the killer with a good amount of BP to get amount of survivors past their 2nd hook. (would work like escape cake etc. but requires you to work for it like BBQ and Chilli)
  • Asylum- the actual center building is still a very strong area to loop around with the amount of safe pallets needed to be broken (could simple be fixed by making them less safe by reducing how long the walls are)

Just some idea`s i really hope youll look into and maybe discuss, thanks

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