We are aware and looking into the issue which caused players to have their rank reset further than intended. If your rank was not reset at all this month, this is a visual bug and closing and re-opening the game should fix it.
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Please tighten connection on dedicated servers.

Time and time again have I been hit when I clearly should not have been. Hitboxes are not to blame but rather dedicated servers. In the past few weeks I've played this game, I have been hit after the swing animation has been completed, gained plenty of distance after vaulting a window, or after the pallet dropping animation has completed. Another result of these things happening is people dcing when they think it's unfair, which it kind of is. I remember something along the lines of the devs saying that it looks completely normal on the killers side, but I can assure you that I've noticed hits connecting that should not have when playing killer. I don't claim to be an expert on hosting and managing servers, but I know that queuing for people closer to you is something that can be done.


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