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Rank 20 Hell - Can something be done about it?

As r20 survivor, it's ridiculously difficult to escape when your teammates are noobs and the killer even has a slight hint of an idea of what they're doing. There's always the hatch, but only one person can escape through it, generally. Whoever gets found first is generally dead since low rank killers almost exclusively like to close proxy camp everyone they catch, and low rank survivors don't know how to take calculated risks to save other players, or have the perks to get away with it. That means 3/4 survivors are generally maintaining rank due to low rank killer strats that too many low rank survivors don't know how to punish. The only matches that have gone well have been ones where I kited the killer around for 5+ minutes. This has been r20 hell for survivor.

As r20 killer, the queues are way too damn long. 10-20+ minute queues for every match (I'm currently sitting in one right now, at the 12m mark).

The last three matches I played, I didn't get any rank credit for (an error popped up that made progress not save on the first match, then all 4 survivors DC'd after getting slaughtered running at the hook near the start of the match (making pipping impossible), then 2 survivors DC'd upon getting downed (resulting in a safety pip for me after killing the other two)). Do I blame the survivors for DC'ing? No, especially when they don't know that it gets penalised eventually, and when they don't lose any rank if they're already r20. But it's getting ridiculous.

On top of that, some long queues end with error messages about 'host being unreachable' or 'NAT' something-or-another, resulting in the need to requeue and wait some more.

Could we perhaps have the matchmaking rank range for r20 killer expanded? As-is, being stuck at r20 for now 3 hours of gameplay with only 3 matches that even worked, without gaining a single pip due to not being allowed to play, is still ridiculous.

This has been r20 hell for killer.

Am a returning player who has been reset to r20 from r1, by 2-4 seasons of cumulative rank resets. Want to play some actual matches, but am not allowed to.


  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 4,311

    Dont gotta escape to pip up. Just keep playing and you'll pip up, since its REALLY easy to pip at rank 20 and impossible to depip until you hit yellow ranks.

  • MringasaMringasa Member Posts: 520

    This for Survivor side. Don't aim to escape, just do gens, get some unhooks, and get chased a bit. You'll be out of the browns fast.

    As far as Killer goes though... good luck with that. Unless you are playing with a solid build, you'll get trolled and bullied by the deranked SWF teams that prey on newer Killers to feed their egos. Just make sure when you get the true new player games that you play with them a lot more than normal. You cannot sacrifice too quick, and extending chases will net you more emblem points. Sad to say it, but you need to be really "nice" in the brown Ranks to actually rank up quickly.

  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 4,637
    edited January 12

    To be fair, I started 2 days ago again at rank 19 (from Rank 1 before my break, and I have lost all my old skill) and I've STILL got to rank 13 with ease. You should just try not to carry the team, or escape, just do 2 gens, unhook a bit, get the killer to chase you, run them for a while, and take the facecamp. It's a pip. That's survivor btw.

    As killer, I started at rank 15 and am now rank 10.

  • shootaman777shootaman777 Member Posts: 123

    As survivor, it's annoying, but fairly doable, agreed. Hit rank 15 from 20 after a few hours, but I was the only one in my matches (as survivor) that was gaining any rank when I did gain rank. Was commenting on the general experience and speaking on behalf of the other people in the lobby, when it comes to survivor.

    As killer, couldn't get a single match over the course of a few hours where I was allowed by the game to pip, til the last two matches I just played, with 7-10 minute queues, against obviously deranked SWFs, on that had map/key and the other with toolboxes. At least they didn't DC, even if their intent was to ruin my gameplay experience. Once I hit rank 18, started getting matches in 5 minute queues and it's been smooth sailing.

    Yes, I get the whole 'if you're experienced, it shouldn't be a problem', and really, it wasn't a problem... because I am experienced. It was more frustrating and boring than anything else, really, and I had nothing else to do while sitting in queues so I made this thread.

    But for anyone who isn't experienced? The rank 20 experience must suck, because it feels like getting nowhere.

  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 4,637

    That is true. The ranking system needs a rework so deranked SWF aren't bullying the poor new players.

  • HellDescentHellDescent Member Posts: 2,642

    I don't even care about escaping when playing survivor, unless I find a good item

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 305

    Or deranked killers bullying new survivors. It goes both ways. I've seen rank 19 killers with tier 3 ruin and bbq and pop.

  • premiumRICEpremiumRICE Member Posts: 603

    Until red ranks i doublepip my way up, no way you cant escape lmao

  • MringasaMringasa Member Posts: 520

    Thinking back to my early days, it was Pips for Points so a good bit easier. I truly enjoyed the horror of the game, and it was for me as a new player, and as I got better at evading and/or just not letting the Killer notice me while i was doing gens, I thought to myself "Why the hell can't I rank up?" because I'd go up a couple pips, then depip a few times.

    I realized that I was missing a large part of the gameplay in the saves/heals. I was just trying to survive, do my gens and a totem or three, but I wasn't helping out people in need. So I started working Altruism into my game play and that's when I started pipping easier.

    It was frustrating of course, all games new to a person are, but by watching what other people were doing, and thinking about how I was playing the game, I could easily tell what I was doing wrong in regards to Ranking Up. I remember multiple conversations with Survivors AND Killers who gave me pointers and helped me understand specific Perks or certain interactions. Even if it was just getting called out for not going for a save when I was the only one able to do so. These sorts of things will help any new player get better.

    Low ranks are a challenge, but they should be one. It's where you learn the basics, and if you aren't doing enough of the basics to get out of there, you need to up your game and figure out what you are doing wrong on a personal level. Too many go the SWF route and get babied through the Rank 20 experience. It's why we have so many red potatoes. They never had to prove themselves worthy.

  • EZ5kEZ5k Member Posts: 231

    Can confirm he's former R1 actually. The problem is he simply 4ks too quickly, and gets punished for playing optimally, so no, it's not bs. If you want to touch on his survivor experience, we've done SWF before and I've watched as he's looping, and I"m the only one on gens while the other two survivors are hiding in a corner playing immersion simulator. It's absolutely pathetic.

  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 3,040
    edited January 15

    No offense, but one unknown forum goer speaking up for a friend doesnt sell me on this. I could have someone hop on and tell you how I 4k with no perk/addon nurse, but it wouldnt make it true or believable from one person saying "I've seen it".

    Doesnt matter how fast you kill at rank 20, or how bad your survivor teammates are if you play well, you still pip up way too easy to be "stuck" at rank 20.

    If it is true, they're boosted. Ex rank 1s dont get stuck in rank 20 after resets. Not unintentionally.

  • Archimedes5000Archimedes5000 Member Posts: 438

    I have no idea why new players cant use all 4 perk slots instead of 1. Like wtf is the point of that, you have 3 perks by default, why can't you use them all.

  • ElegantElegant Member Posts: 443

    There's nothing that can be done aside from better tutorials. Your games aren't going to get better once you reach lower than rank 15. I'll play with people who are purple ranks and the games are still like that. People who play this game are just generally really bad. The ranking system doesn't require anyone to actually be good at the game to rank up. So players can have terrible habits/gameplay/etc and still pip in most of their games because of how much of a joke it is. I still see purple/red rank survivors taking self care even though it makes them useless for most of the game. I still see red/purple rank survivors instantly throwing down pallets/camping pallets instead of taking advantages of good loops and wasting more times from the killer. These aren't just some survivors or something i occasionally encounter in games. It's virtually every game you see stuff like that. It doesn't matter the rank. Dead by Daylight needs a massive overhaul to the ranking system. New players are going to obviously struggle to understand the game when they just start. One of the issues you probably run into is getting paired with killers who aren't new to the game. When i take a month or so off from the game and come back, I would usually be around rank 12-16 and would get matched with at least one rank 17-20 every game until I got to rank 9 or 10. So I would end up playing a decent number of games vs new players which wasn't fair at all and I always felt really bad. Matchmaking and ranking just really really needs to be reworked immediately

  • EZ5kEZ5k Member Posts: 231

    They do when literally every game we're in is filled with people who play like immersed claudettes. The current ranking system punishes optimal play, regardless of faction.

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