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Bugged Achievement - Adept Plague

shootaman777shootaman777 Member Posts: 123

Have done Adept Plague so many times, and it never counts for the Steam achievement. Have unequipped perks, rearranged loadouts, tried anything I could think of.


  • KnifeaToMeetYaXDKnifeaToMeetYaXD Member Posts: 53

    Are you sure you are fulfilling all the requirements for the achievement? Do note you have to get a Merciless Victory (aka a double pip which is nearly impossible with the Plague, especially if you're a higher rank), and using all 3 of that characters teachable perks and nothing else (for Plague it's Corrupt Intervention, Infectious Fright, and Dark Devotion). If you're meeting this requirement then I'm unsure of your issue, as I haven't had any issues with Adepts in the past. Plague's Adept is arguably one of the hardest if not the hardest achievement to get, so be prepared for a grind.

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 1,948

    Yeah, I got the Adept Plague achievement by not using my ability once during the match. It's ridiculous that there are killers where not using their powers is the best way to Merciless, but that's how it is right now.

  • KnifeaToMeetYaXDKnifeaToMeetYaXD Member Posts: 53

    That's honestly the only way I can see it even be done. Playing Plague like she's meant to just clashes with the Emblem System making 4Ks very often a Saftey Pip or Depip. I don't care about rank at all unless it involves the Killer Adept achievements, but I know some people do which suprises me the issue is yet to be fixed. Simply adding an extra scoring point or marker for downing an Infected Survivor or Instadowning one for Michael or the Chainsaw Duo would be a great change/help.

  • shootaman777shootaman777 Member Posts: 123

    Great to know that using her power counts against me for emblems, and that a double pip is required. So.. do I need to go easy on survivors, then, to get the double pip, or just ignore the ability and play normally?

  • KnifeaToMeetYaXDKnifeaToMeetYaXD Member Posts: 53

    Just play Plague without using your ability and you'll be fine. If you're winning pretty well, let chases run a bit longer so you can get additional Chaser points. Also be sure to not proxy or anything so survivors don't die without you getting your 3 hooks. Other than that, you should be fine. Happy hunting.

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