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A survivor caused a bug that has forced the killer to disconnect and lose all bloodpoints.

mssmss Member Posts: 1

A survivor freezed at a point where she was in the grasp of the killer (shown in the video). She was not completely disconnected and also had 3 afk crows. Even after the "endgame collapse", she didn't die. So the killer had to disconnect. I have the last moments recorded. Sorry for the raw uncut video (Inappropriate chat warning).


  • LoeyLoey Member Posts: 30

    This is not the fault of the survivor and it is not the first time that happens, it happened to me while i was running out of nowhere i could not move nor could I get the menu to give dc. The survivor apparently did not give dc not to lose his pips and blood points, which is what happens when you do it. But as they have implemented a punishment for those who give dc in the games, we will see many of these cases in the future since no one will want to give even if they are caught in a bug.

  • ABannedCatABannedCat Member Posts: 1,535

    Yep, had this just today. Survivor got hooked, somehow went back to dieing state. Was still able to crawl, but could not bleed out. Endgame collapse could not kill them. Had to disconnect, because it weas going on forever.

    Pity that a disconnect penalty would have penalised me here.

  • EffrafaxEffrafax Member Posts: 6

    Had something similar happen to me as survivor. Killer hooked me, but it showed as being in the dying state (despite my body being on the hook). No hook progression, no bleed out progress. Camera ended up stuck on the killer as if he was still carrying me. From what he was doing it looked like he was stuck that way as well (couldn't kick gens, close hatch [I was the last survivor], etc.).

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