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Another Mori Rework (but a different approach)

What do you think of reworking Mori offerings to turn them into an alternate game mode?


My idea for this game mode →

A clock is on the top of the HUD and ticks down.

When the clock reaches 0, the exit gates are powered.

Mori offerings now do the following and are no longer secret:  

Cypress Mori -- 10 minute timer

Ivory Mori -- 10:30 minute timer

Ebony Mori -- 11 minute timer

Each completed generator reduces the time by 1 minute.

A killer can Mori a survivor after the survivor has been hooked once and the survivor isn’t the survivor that was last hooked.

Killers can receive up to 32,000 bloodpoints. They receive 8,000 bloodpoints for each survivor that is moried, sacrificed or DCs. No other bloodpoints received.

Survivors can receive up to 32,000 bloodpoints. They receive 1,000 bloodpoints for each minute they are alive in the trial, 5,000 bloodpoints for each generator the team completely repairs and 32,000 points for escaping the trial. No other bloodpoints received.


This would give DBD a second game mode that keeps the game fresh without splitting the player base. 

It also stops moris from either being overly powerful and negatively affecting the game or basically only a visual bonus (mori after two hooks).

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