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Killer Only Lag?

Hey guys so I've been having issues with dbd lately... well... more than usual anyways. So for the past couple of days I've been having a problem where I can't play killer cause i'm lagging to hell and back. The thing is, I don't lag as survivor or in custom games. My ping is only like 50-60. I run other games like Overwatch and Halo just fine. So my question is, has this been happening to anyone else and is there any way to fix this? It makes killer unplayable as I can't really hit anyone. I love playing killer and this is a real bummer. Anyways, thanks for reading.

I am a pc player.


  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 5,247
    edited January 13


    To me personally? No. In the past I would get lag due to my poor internet, so maybe that's something that's tied to the issue? Since my internet USED to be about 3MBS, but I've since upgraded to a 400MBS (or whatever it is around that) plan, so it could be the internet that's causing this... Otherwise, I don't really know anything about PC optimization for DBD, except some minor things.

    You can try some small fixes like verifying the files (left click DBD in the library, click properties, than click local files in the new tab and than verify), but otherwise, I can't really help you with optimization issues.

    Your PC doesn't sound like it's under the minimum requirements for DBD, did you try lowering the quality from high to medium to low and see what that does?

    If you did AND it did nothing, than you can try contacting support to see what they say. Unless someone here has a 100% fix to give you, than they're your best bet to bring this issue to.

    Here's the support link:

    You can also see if your graphics card is just old, or if there is anything else about optimization issues on google WHEN you tag PC to it. Other than that, this is the best I can personally do.

    One more thing, you can try updating your drivers in Geforce Experience (If you use that). If you don't use Geforce, than whatever application you use could need an update to it's drivers. Usually lag or game issues stem from old Drivers that need to be updated.

    If that sounds confusing on "what drivers are" than let me know.

  • Isaac_Felix_GatesIsaac_Felix_Gates Member Posts: 2
    edited January 13

    Okay thank you, I'll try lowering the quality (currently on ultra) and see if theirs anything I can do optimization wise. Also I verified the files 3-4 times with every time coming up A-okay. Thanks for the help.

    I have a 1060 graphics card btw.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 5,247

    I use a 1050, I can't remember if it's a TI or if 1050 has a TI...

    But what this means is your graphics card is better than mine, so it shouldn't be the graphics that's the issue, it just sounds like the optimization for the game itself is the issue.

    Try booting up Geforce Experience or any other application you use for gaming and mess around with the settings for DBD, see if that helps. Other than that, contact support if nothing changes OR look up optimization issues for PC on google to see what you can find on the topic.

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