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How much does Decisive Strike increase odds of become the obsession?

The person with DS is rarely the obsession. I have a feeling the increased odds is very small.


  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 5,246
    edited January 13


    It doesn't say on the DBD Wiki about what the percentage for the chance to become the Obsession is.

    Further investigation reveals nothing about the percentage DS has of being the Obsession at the start of the match either, either it doesn't exist or the percentages are hidden.

    With how old DS is, you'd think that percentage is out there by now. But from what I could search up, no such percentage exists in a post, the DBD Wiki, or a youtube video, at least not from what I could find that is.

    here's what that feature was previously for...

    This feature is from the old DS anyways, since whoever the Obsession was would have the ability automatically activate when picked up, and any non-obsessions would have to wiggle for 40% of their meter to have it activate.

    But this is Pre-Nerf DS, so the feature doesn't exactly do anything anymore. Either it was removed from the DBD Wiki's percentages, or nobody really knows. Perhaps the text was left in the perks description because of the "new" DS's other feature, here's a quote from the perk itself.

    "Successfully stunning the Killer will result in you becoming the Obsession."


    I wouldn't really worry about it, mainly because the feature doesn't do anything anymore for other perks that work off the obsession. I don't see why a Survivor would want to be the obsession now-a-days, it just makes you more of a target for the Killer now.

    If anything, you'd want to NOT be the Obsession in DBD 2020, but that's just me. Here's an example, Dying Light doesn't give the repair bonus anymore, so abusing it with DS doesn't do anything in terms of repair speed, DS no longer has the old criteria for when you can stun the Killer, it just works right after you're tunneled or picked up too early, etc.

    If I find any information on this, than i'll [email protected] you here, otherwise, unless someone else finds the information... than there's nothing else I can tell you. Or of course if a dev responds to the post... that too.

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