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I don’t understand why people are unsatisfied with the truth.

There are survivors and killers out there that just a blind to the truth and valid points. I play on PS4 btw

Killer Examples: I was playing a Legion game and I got a full Tryhard SWF with flashlights and toolbox and they picked the map. As of right now dedicated servers are really bad for Legion as sometime Frenzy hits and Basic hits and grabs will not register when clearly hitting a survivor and I’m not the only one as other Legion mains And I had a group conversation talking about it. I don’t use Ruin I barely use it as I don’t like it. OKAY Gens pop one by one and I only got in 2 hooks the whole Game. I caught my 3th survivor first time and luckily the basement was right there so I took them to the basement. I wasn’t letting him leave as the gens are all done and the gate is 99% I just stood on the step I’m taking my 1k I’m fine with that. I had on STBFL and because they were SWF they just had to get their buddy my 1k turned into a 3k thank to STBFL. One of the survivors ended up messaging me complaining about camping the hook. I’m like Your friends are literally near the hook ready to save you. What do you want me to do go across and do what? Protect an already done generator? OR Go to the door were one of your buddies are waiting to open the exit game while the other two rush down and save you then double heal you to full health state?

I’m not a bad killer, but I will admit I did have a bad game and I can be a complete potato at times and I do cheap things to secure a cheap 1k sometimes but it’s your fault that I got a 3k when I could’ve just had 1k. I just wanted at least a kill. I play fair during the game. It was end game now it’s all grabs now. The survivor just couldn’t accept the truth then started comparing he plays how he plays spirit and never has a bad game. I laughed so hard as he comparing spirit to legion a top tier killer to a low tier killer.

Survivor Example: I had a plague got completely outplayed with an afk survivor killed very early and one survivor that they tunneled too death during the game. They run her for 4 gens each time off hook. The plague really wasn’t that great during the game. She was every easy to mind game and outplay at loops, they double back, and didn’t break save pallets and she had thana, ruin, DL, and BBQ. The 3th survivor just ended up killing themselves on hook. Granted we were at a somewhat disadvantage due to the afk players that’s not the other survivors fault. The killer than goes on to say EZ game noobs. I responded back in all honesty you did not play well at all. If one person wasn’t afk and died early because you put them back on the hook after they got rescued and You didn’t tunnel down the other survivor you would easily gotta destroyed. The killer just so confident they played good and wouldn’t admit the variable to their success in the kills.


point is - Sometimes you gonna admit to admit the truth to yourself like yeah that makes sense or you’re right I could’ve played that better. Nobody is a perfect player and There’s nothing wrong with a little confident. But don’t go walking around super boosted ASF and can’t admit your own flaws.

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