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To people complaining about new Hex: Ruin

Brucecastro81Brucecastro81 Member Posts: 934
edited January 13 in General Discussions

Just accept and change your perks before you go on here and say: "I'm quitting", "Survivor matter but killer not" and things like that. Corrupt Intervention, that is actually better that old Ruin, Pop goes the weasel, Thanathopobia and Dying light. I'm not saying that you're a baby killer, that you shouldn't complain, what I'm trying to say is: Wait before the Ruin get changed, try to play without it or change perks. They reworked Ruin (I think they actually buffed it, but needs to go live before saying that) but didn't nerfed Killer, is simply just a perk

Just be nice and try to not kill me, let's just discuss very "My little pony'ly" (If that exist) :)

Ah and I'm not a surv main, play both sides equally



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