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[Xbox One X] DBD is always freezing and crashing!

RazazakRazazak Member Posts: 3


I play on Xbox one X, and since a few weeks, my game is crashing , and it occured more often each week. Now, it's crashing EVERY game! I didn't finish one game on the last thirty I played!

I launch the game, I play, everything is ok, and in the middle of the game, with no reason, my screen freeze and the game crash, go back to my Xbox start menu. That's occured when I play killer and when I play survivor, no difference.

My other games work, so that's a DBD problem.

I tried to uninstall and reinstall DBD, hard reset my Xbox, uninstall and reinstall my account, nothing is working....

I'm tired to launch the game and knowing what will happen.... please solve that, I love that game but I don't want to play anymore like that...

I'm french so if some sentences are not correct, sorry 😅

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