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The Breathing of Survivors (includes Yui Kimura)

YouTuberAYouTuberA Member Posts: 5

Hope it was useful!


  • LofepramineLofepramine Member Posts: 104
    edited January 13

    Steve's moaning is funny.

    Nancy's "heh heh" (running) is annoying.

    Jane sounds like a pig.

    Nea's cry is sweet.

    Oh, and Laurie's crying... My god, each time I'm in a team with one I just have this impulse to get as far as possible and not heal her.

  • GcarraraGcarrara Member, Mod Posts: 1,124

    This is really interesting! 👍️

  • YouTuberAYouTuberA Member Posts: 5

    Thank you 😀

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