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"the devs don't listen" WRONG

Off topic; this is my 100th post,so wahooo!!!!

Into the real topic. I've been looking around forums,left and right and everyone that is mad about the ruin changes say the same thing; "devs don't play their game,devs don't listen to killers". Since my dream job is becoming a dev,in any game really,I'll explain why I think devs listen,with some proof for the intellectuals.

Patch 3.4,November 2019,the death of balanced landing,along with some undetectable buffs.

Patch 3.2.0, September 2019, undetectable and oblivious are added to the game. Along with the new dlc,stranger things.

Patch 3.2.1, September 2019,shred now breaks pallets by default.

Patch 3.1.0,July 2019,Freddy got his rework,making him the most lethal killer according to behavior's polls and information that they gathered. Freddy's rework was a success and Freddy got a lot of love.

I could continue,but I didn't wanna bother to put too much information. Moral of the story is that devs actually hear the communities opinion. They have to put some priorities. The doctor and the ruin reworks were leaked to get a buff,and the devs are thinking alternatives for ruin. The devs aren't survivor sided and of course they play their game. It is difficult to balance a game,so I believe we should let them do their work.

Think it like this; a Dev on dbd has around 3-4+ years game balancing experience in this game,I don't even count if they worked for other games before. They have 3-4 more years of balancing than we all do. So my suggestion is to keep calm,and move on.

I was also really frustrated,at first,about the ruin changes. I said it was "a beginning of a new era" and indeed it is,but not a bad one. If you honestly want to quit playing killer,or the game in general,because they altered an addition to the game that was ruining new player's experiences,then you are the problem not the game.

It is justified to be angry at these changes,but please stop uploading forums like "any suggestions for a new game,cuz the devs on this one don't give a 💩" or "devs don't listen" or even "I'm quitting dbd". It is hard to see these kind of posts,so just stop doing that.

I am aware about the comments I'll receive,but I'll still upload this. I'm not afraid to help the community,the game and the devs to this hard trip.

Please,tell me your opinion down below. I am interested to hear from you guys.

Guess it will be a happy 100th forum for me :3




    Agreed,tho,a not that serious question. Why does the quote says;"the devs don't listen&quot?

    We may found a new glitch!!

  • LustForBPLustForBP Member Posts: 611

    it shows to me what your title is, so I’m not sure.


    Shall I change it? I really start to stress out a bit xd

  • ppo8820ppo8820 Member Posts: 763
  • ppo8820ppo8820 Member Posts: 763
    edited January 13

    This! I started with a group after leaving f13 after two years of playing. Started dbd with 5 friends interested, and only two stuck with it. The others thought it was too hard and frustrating, which I get when you’re new. That grind is rough.


    I'm a lvl 11 survivor,and I started playing survivor a year ago. Every time a killer had ruin,one of these 4 happened;

    A. Me or a teammate of mine finds the totem and we have a chance of winning

    B. We don't find the totem and the killer completely dominates

    C. Someone DC's cuz of ruin

    D. The most rare occasion,we don't find ruin,but we get over it and win.

    So yeah I agree with you,but it was frustrated for me.

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 1,831
    edited January 13


    No offence but then you are just to lazy to adapt and learn. Dbd is not the first game that has frustrating mechanics and a high skill cap to learn. Sadly BHVR is a new company to such a "big" game and makes the same mistake blizzard does and listen to the casual player community not to the pro players and mess up with the balancing.

    Blizzard did the same with world of warcraft, they nerfed everything that was to hard to learn and too to long to understand. And now wow is pretty much dead, even I quitted and I was playing on hardcore progress raiding for over 7 years.

    Edit: And I honestly never saw with 3k hours someone dc because of ruin xD


    It's ok,I understand. As a doctor main,the rework is a buff for me. They also changed ruin in order to make it less frustrated for newer players, since in low ranks the game are killer sided.

    Also,yes maps are a problem. But since they start reworking most of them,I believe we will see changes in the near future.

    Thanks for posting your opinion 👍


    First,I said "when I was a new survivor" so I did adapt... eventually after hard work,I'm able to hit greats 50/50

    Also you have 3k hours into the game,so that means you are an experience player. I'm talking about the low ranks/inexperienced survivors. Just wanted to clarify 😁

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 1,831


    I know thats why I took the example where I played with my 2 friends that just bought that game a few days ago, and both of them had no issues or complains about ruin. Luca one of them even said after his FIRST game, "yo dafuq is this genspeed? We escaped after 5min". Well I said "just apply pressure".


    Indeed,I understand. But,they still have more hours as devs on a game than all the community put together don't they? I'm pretty sure they know their jobs,and they are doing well.

    As for the game mechanics,maybe we could over exaggerate a bit,I don't know. They should have a reason tho. Thanks for commenting!!!!


    Just clarifying because you said that NOW I'm too lazy,after my "adaptation"


  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 4,142

    The problem is their timing..they just slashed the top two killers..one of which all but vanished..and now lower tier characters will struggle immensely for the foreseeable future..however..remaining optimistic if the oni and doctor changes turn out well we could have 5 viable killers to handle the top ranks

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,115

    So when they do listen according to you, how come they didnt hear any negative feedback about the recent legion changes? I remember some very sad legion mains on the forums.

  • Mister_HoldoutMister_Holdout Member Posts: 2,499

    LOL 😂There's no way of knowing how much time the devs have worked on this game. All that information is private.

    Some of those devs could be doing a half-ass job and we wouldn't know.

    Although, to be fair, I don't think that's the case.

    Like I told you, just because they were hired doesn't mean they will make good decisions.

    As far as exaggerating balance, we aren't exaggerating much. Optimal survivors is a balance issue. The devs still have done little about it. Which is why this Ruin change is especially disappointing.

  • Polychrome_BakuPolychrome_Baku Member Posts: 404

    People are mad because they're removing the learning curve from the game with the hope of courting "new players". They also seemed to ignore the frustrations of killer players completely (some of which are new) as well as completely ignoring the almost unanimous opinions of their most experienced players about the upcoming changes. To some people, that feels like an abject betrayal. Since without the veteran players and streamers, this game would have been dead years ago when it started tanking on Steam.

    To me? This entire debacle has been a laugh and a half. I have been with this game since the beta, I've streamed it and I used to love it. It replaced Evolve for me, I've always loved the 1 vs Many types of games. However. The direction it is going shows a clear disconnect between the experienced players and the devs, with too much of a focus on new players. You make the game welcoming by explaining your systems. Not by dumbing them down so an infant could play. Maybe some of us need to accept that we aren't their target demographic anymore and move on.

    Anywho. Two more asymmetrical games are being released in a few months. Resistance and Predator, both have the backing of massive companies and had fairly successful beta tests. So we will see if this tactic of balancing from the bottom pays off for BVHR or blows up in their faces.


    Indeed there is no way of knowing.....buuuuuuut even if they are devs for a minute,they have 1 minute more dev experience than we do.

    Also,imagine in the next 2-3 patches,since you guys believe that killers will get gen rushed to Oblivion,they will buff many more killer powers and perks,in order to balance things out.

  • Peppa_PigsawPeppa_Pigsaw Member Posts: 93

    1. Balanced Landing is still good lmao.

    2. Oblivious only really benefits Freddy, Demogorgon is loud enough to where you hear his footsteps. Also Nemesis is mainly used for the obsession swap. Undetectable is also pretty pointless as its purpose to counter OoO was rendered mute when the perk icon for OoO still lights up when looking in that direction.

    3. Old Freddy was better than new Freddy. I know I'm going to get flamed for that one but whatever. Most people didn't know how to play him.

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,115

    Sure that is why ruin changes come out with a long list of buffed killer powers, oh wait..

  • epyonepyon Member Posts: 78

    Yeah they do listen. Look how quickly they fixed the sound issue. Oh wait....


    I remember a Dev saying that the sound bugs are in their "to do list"


    This is from @Almo ,I didn't even bother to pull out this card but this is also proof they listen!

    BTW I forgot to include instaheals didn't I?

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,115
    edited January 14

    Okay yet in the livestream they specificly said, we didn't get any negative feedback regarding legion. I remember several people on this forum being more than vocal about it. Strange isnt it?

    Insta heals care to explain what is bad about them? Purple gives you a protection against any insta down, how is that bad something that wasn't possible before but hey it was totally nerfed.

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