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Detective hunch in Shrine this week doesnt appear on my blood weeb at all- I have max owned perks

Zero12345Zero12345 Member Posts: 2


I bought Detective hunch perk in this week roatation in Shrine but after bought it its give me 150 000 bp instead to give me perk...yea before transaction i had 970 000 bp so Im only received 30 000.... ,now its show me in game ...on character window that im own this perk but on full dwight blood weeb- main character , detective hunch doest appear, I already spent 150 000 to looking for this perk, on this character i have all lvl 3 owned perks so its owned max lvl perk champion with every maxed owned perks,...reset of the game doesnt help,please fix this ,if u need screen shots or more informations just contact with me

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