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Proof that the Devs are not Survivor sided

The claim that the Devs are Survivor sided also includes the claim that the Devs will implement features such that the Survivors become more powerful given their implementation.

While it's easy to just point towards a list of Survivor buffs and declare that as the proof that this is the case, I don't necessarily think that's the case.

Specifically, instead of looking at things 1 patch at a time, rewind to a year ago.

Hatch couldn't be closed. EGC didn't exist.

DS worked on first down

More safe pallets

BL infinites and instant heals allowed for crazy long chases

probably a bunch of other things I'm forgetting about. But basically if you were suddenly thrust a full year into the past playing Killer would feel far worse than now.

If you go back even further the problem becomes even worse, trending all the way back to several infinite loops per map with no perks needed and no skill needed and also gens are even faster because [BAD WORD] you.

The devs that brought us to this point are the same devs working on the game now. Yet there seems to be the idea that even though the game has been getting more and more balanced over time that the same devs that got us this far also are devs that want to make Killers suffer and hate progress and whatever other random idea people have.

I'm not trying to say that the problems people claim to exist don't exist. But rather, that over time the number of problems in the game has been going down and not up, and there is no reason why we should expect this trend to stop. Will all of our problems go away in one patch? No, but the trend has been positive, not negative. So try and consider the big picture before trying to call the devs biased and terrible or whatever.

Bloodlust, Entity blockers, the entire gen regression mechanic, Several killer animation speedups, the EGC and Hatch closing wouldn't have been added if the devs were truely as Survivor sided as people claim.



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