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Gen speeds are fine, here is why

HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 8,808

Generators are completely fine, nobody wants to hold the same button for more than 80 seconds by default, the issue isn’t generator speeds, it’s the size of maps. Maps size or the poor map design is the reason WHY some people ran ruin, so they could cross maps that are larger than the bloody sun and not get up to a generator that is at 80%. Now with ruin not able to do this and forcing you to have to shove people off gens, now survivors will be able to get generators almost completely done before you actually arrive to the generator they were working on. I suggest changing the size of maps so that it is possible for some killers who have no early game power, like trapper and Oni, be able to apply pressure easier without having to use ruin. Good Map design=No need for ruin.


  • T2KT2K Member Posts: 515

    I totally agree.

    But Id like to mention one thing. I think many players dont actually understand the full impact on the gameplay by ruin. Its not only the "not hitting greats" thing that slows the game down. Its also the searching for the totem and leaving gens untouched. I Think if every survivor would actually work on gens even with ruin and only hitting good skill checks, killer players would have unequiped ruin for a long time. Of course the map size is a problem in keeping pressure on gens especially for lower mobility killers. But the real deal with ruin was people not doing the objective at all. No matter the map size you wont be able to keep survivors off the objective without a reason. That reason was often ruin. Even on small maps you will see gens flying.

    What Im trying to say is that map size cant be the answer to the lack of game stalling imo.

  • Peppa_PigsawPeppa_Pigsaw Member Posts: 81
  • The_Second_ComingThe_Second_Coming Member Posts: 1,110

    Gen speed is fine, for the most part. The problem is the lack of gen pressure that is possible early game, which is a map issue more than anything.

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