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Error 302 'An Error Occurred And The Game Was Unable To Save Your Profile Please Restart Your Game'

Hello Guys once again my Dead by Daylight has broken, If anyone could help with this issue i would be greatly appreciated.

Alright just to verify my issue im logging into DBD then im told my game couldn't save and urged to restart my game to no avail?

I would also like to mention my roommate plays the exact same game on the exact same internet 5 feet away from me

I've Tried getting help with an actual moderator on the DBD support and submitted a ticket, But i Think they went on holiday as i received one reply then nothing else was submitted even after i stated that my problem was not resolved.

I'm not trying to get my game fixed before anyone else's but i have read of people that haven't been able to play for over a year Cause of this exact same bug.

No, I want to know why this hasn't been fixed for the hundreds of people over multiple years i also want to know why moderators take on new tickets when there are people that have been waiting years. Honestly not being able to play for a month sucks. But Imagine.... Just imagine actually paying money for a game you cant play for over a year.

Anyway That's it from me. If you Have any suggestions or if you are going through the same thing please comment as any help would be a PHENOMENAL help

P.s. Sorry for the complaints and criticism. <3


  • DeadbyDaylightbrokeDeadbyDaylightbroke Member Posts: 20

    The Error

    The Helpful help that helps.

    I'm from Australia btw

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 2,286

    Are you and your room mate using wired or wireless connections?

    Since support claim it's an internet issue (which I doubt since your mate can play), have you tried something... a bit daft? Like using your phone as an internet hotspot just to eliminate that as a potential cause?

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