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Party Lobby Issues - Not Showing Ready

DhuumDhuum Member Posts: 1

PC - Steam

I have had lobby issues since I started playing the game in early December 2019, but they seem to have intensified recently.

Occasionally I am unable to enter a game when playing with friends. It happens in parties of 3 and 4 (it may happen with a duo, but I have not noticed it); I have no issues when playing solo.

On my screen, it will show all the players in the party, but only I will be "ready". My teammates will confirm over the mic that, in fact, all 4 people are readied up. If we wait, it will then put them into a match without me.

I have noticed that when this bug is happening, I am unable to join directly from my steam friends list, and I also will not receive some invites through the DBD friends list, even though my friends can send them to me.

It will also randomly kick me from the party when it is having issues, but on my screen it will still show a full lobby until I unready: then it will kick me.

Occasionally it will send me back to the menu with the dialogue box "an unknown error occurred".

I am not sure how to specifically reproduce this issue... It doesn't happen all the time, but recently when it does happen, nothing I seem to do will fix it, and I just end up not being able to play for the evening.

I've tried validating steam files, reinstalling the game, restarting steam, rebooting my PC, rebooting my modem etc etc.

I realise other people have been reporting similar issues, but they don't seem to give a full account, nor do they receive replies, so I have submitted my own report with my log file (I'm not sure whether the log will be of any use in this situation though)

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