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Live Q&A: 3.5.0 PTB/Update



  • VampiroxVampirox Member Posts: 395

    with the Ruin changes can we now finally remove the notifications that survivors get on which hex totem are up when they get hit or work on generators. Just maybe the Hex will stay up long enough to have fun with it instead of survivors go searching for it right away

  • asergioamasergioam Member Posts: 362

    New Lery's look's amazing and what I would expect for all maps because of that "sinister look", but I've noticed that some vault windows are made of briks (below it) wich makes them seem breakable (wich would confirm the breakable window leak), is it for a new killer or a new mechanic?

  • Angelicus23Angelicus23 Member Posts: 2,547

    After last rift, how is it planned now on to keep the events? And will they reward free cosmetics too?

  • greekfire774greekfire774 Member Posts: 170

    Is there any chance the stun time between static blast and being able to use an attack will be decreased? Currently its 2 seconds short of decisive strike and feels a bit rough

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 5,359

    Do you ever have a thought/plan about adding more Objectives to Survivors? Or at least a way to slow down the Gen progressing but not extend Gen time.

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 4,652
    edited January 2020

    With ruin no longer able to hold the front killer players are seeing more sad limitations on killers..seeing as you wish to keep the game from getting boring for survivors..would you agree adding tools and removing certain limitations off killers would probably be the best solution? I ask because it would fix variety and let killers themselves hold more sway over the match instead of perks as well as enhance gameplay across the board

    (Tried to keep it short but wanted to be clear)

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    Is the game hard to balance since at the low ranks it's a killer sided game and in high ranks it's survivor sided? Asking because I want to be a game dev :3

  • MedicSpirit7MedicSpirit7 Member Posts: 689

    What killer are you planning to add chase music to next?

  • GuiltronGuiltron Member Posts: 149

    The new Lery's is amazing aesthetically speaking. Can we expect future map reworks to get complete visual overhauls just like Treatment Theatre?

  • ImmersedNurseImmersedNurse Member Posts: 3,204

    Will other maps be getting overhauled in terms of visuals and aesthetic features in the future like Lerys was?

  • Gam1ngga5tlyGam1ngga5tly Member Posts: 129
    edited January 2020

    Apart from the doctor Is any other killer getting there own chase music when the update comes out?

  • LeyoyoLeyoyo Member Posts: 105

    What are your plans concerning the doctor ?

    Will you change more addons to add more variety as well as better sticking to its new power ?

  • mike1288mccarthymike1288mccarthy Member Posts: 78

    Will the archives have more bloodpoint rewards and rift fragments rewards than last the tome and part 2 of this will it be easier this time to reach tier 70 on the rift? I know a lot of people had trouble reaching just because they didn't have the time to do so

  • White_OwlWhite_Owl Member Posts: 3,763
    edited January 2020

    Lore-wise, how would you justify a killer's power rework (such as Freddy or the Doctor)? Is the Entity involved or are the killers that change by their own will?

  • grayon444grayon444 Member Posts: 757

    You guys outdid yourselves with Lery's rework.I was quite ''shocked'' at how beautiful and atmospheric everything looked.You guys plan to do all maps in game like that?

  • AndraKunAndraKun Member Posts: 22

    Will there any generator progress nerf or genrush nerf? On high rank players tend to genrush and able to pop 3 gens on early game

  • csandman1977csandman1977 Member Posts: 2,321

    The backlash from the ruin change was twofold. The first part was normal for any change that occurs prior to actual game play. The 2nd part was what caused the most heated discussions. Many players felt slighted the way the announcement was written. Do you plan to at least try to look neutral in the future?

  • Leachy_JrLeachy_Jr Member Posts: 1,978

    Any plan to adjust gen times?

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 5,271

    Is the current plan to rework each map with a rework of its associated killer? For example would Ormond not receive a change until a hypothetical legion change is due?

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,620
    edited January 2020

    The early game impact of Ruin was removed. Were there ideas about how to change it to still be an early game perk that simply didn't work well enough (or were stil lfrustrating) or was it intended to change it to be a mid-game perk? And are there plans to get more early game perks either changed or added in the future?

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