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Favorite and least favorite killer to play against

My favorite would have to be either be Huntress or Hillbilly

My least favorite is probably Plague or Trapper


  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,127


    Least favorite:Pig

  • Rareware0192Rareware0192 Member Posts: 299

    Favorite: Myers/Ghostface

    Least: Probably Freddy?

  • goat10emgoat10em Member Posts: 750

    Favorite to go against would be clown or demo as I can loop either of them forever. least favorite probably trapper or pig. Trapper because I seem to find every trap he places with my ankle. Pig because literally 90% of them I go against proxy camp with their built in insidious. I know she isn't the only killer with this ability but for whatever reason the ones I go against love this play style more than other killers.

  • mouse0270mouse0270 Member Posts: 586

    Favorite: Nurse/Huntress

    Least Favorite: Doc Only because he gives me a headache, excluding that its hard to pick because the rest is usually builds I hate to play against with specific Characters. For Example, Forever Freddy Or a spirit with 3 slow downs and Strider.

  • LustForBPLustForBP Member Posts: 611

    Favorite: Myers

    Least Favorite: Ghostface

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 6,282

    My favorite would have to be Huntress, with my least favorite...imma say its tied between Hag and Plague. Plague makes me loud as all hell, even when I have ironwill on for that exact reasoning, and Hag makes me nervous about stepping ANYWHERE. At least Trapper's traps can be disarmed by hand, need a flashlight for Hag's.

  • dfrenchieedfrenchiee Member Posts: 326

    favourite: Plague and Hillbilly

    least favourite: Trapper, huntress, and Freddy

  • AcculllaAccullla Member Posts: 963

    Favourite - Billy and Huntress

    Least favourite - Spirit and Ghostface

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 3,799

    Favorite: Myers

    Least favorite: Spirit, Ghostface

  • PokemonGOPlayerPokemonGOPlayer Member Posts: 174

    Favorite: Huntress

    Least Favorite: Trapper

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 3,536

    Favourite: Myers

    Least Favourite: Ghostface (by a mile)

  • Boosted_DwightBoosted_Dwight Member, Trusted Posts: 2,930

    Favorite: Hillbilly and Myers

    Least favorite: Hag and Clown

  • HeartboundHeartbound Member Posts: 2,058

    Wow everyone loves Huntress and she's my worst nightmare. Even if you dodge all her hatchets she gets close enough to melee you anyway.

    I guess my favorite at the moment is pig. They usually have make your choice and you have a good boy hat on so when you get unhooked they leave you alone for a minute.

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,600
    edited January 2020

    Favorite: Myers and Demogorgon

    Least favorite: Ghostface and Freddy

  • lasombra1979lasombra1979 Member Posts: 1,142

    Favorite: Wraith with silent bell or Jumpscare Michael. They provide good little frights and make the game fun.

    Least: Ghostface. Not sure why but I utter suck against GF and most seem to be hardcore tunnelers and never break off a chase no matter what.

  • BadMrFrostyBadMrFrosty Member Posts: 759

    Favorite killer to play against: DemoPls

    Least favorite killer to play against: Hitboxtress.

  • StindeStinde Member Posts: 351

    Favourite: Good Trapper and Nurse that inflict real anxiety and fear as it should be

    Least favourite: Freddy/Oni

  • ReallyBigShoeReallyBigShoe Member Posts: 764

    Favorite to play against...don't really have one. Leatherface maybe?

    Least favorite: Trapper. He's my kryptonite and I hate staring at the ground all game.

  • Stitch7833Stitch7833 Member Posts: 632

    trapper and hag are my least favorite, like god damn keep those traps away from me! luckily hag moves slower or id loose my [BAD WORD] haha, but i love going against most killers, none really frustrate me so as long as i see a range im happy. but going against myers, nurse, pig and plague is nice as i never see them much

  • PrettyFaceKatePrettyFaceKate Member Posts: 1,704
    edited January 2020

    Favorite: Hillbilly and Trapper. I would also say Huntress, but her hatchets are just too broken.

    Least favorite: Freddy, Hag and Spirit. Too boring.

  • ppo8820ppo8820 Member Posts: 763

    I hate Michael Meyers being so quiet but the fact he makes me so nervous makes him my favorite. Least favorite is trapper or ghost face.

  • MrDardonMrDardon Member Posts: 1,668

    Fav: Nurse. I love the fact that you have to read the opponents mind. She is a pretty good Killer to play mindgames with when using line of sight blockers. And I also love playing as her.

    Least: Clown. He is just boring to play against and as. Normal M1 Killer whichs whole ability is based on slowing down Survivor's movement.

  • Mert_MKMert_MK Member Posts: 452

    Fav: Pig, Huntress, Billy

    Least: Trapper, Myers, Spirit, Hag, Plague, Freddy

  • OwlzeyOwlzey Member Posts: 438
    edited March 2020

    Favorites - Myers (especially jumpscare Myers), Freddy, Wraith, Hillbilly, Doctor

    Least - Pig, Hag (hate crouching everywhere), Spirit, Clown (boring), Ghostface

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  • BloodyHatchetBloodyHatchet Member Posts: 48

    I am new to the game and I'd have to say my favorite killers to go up against so far is doctor or huntress and my least favorite killers are pig and clown.

  • bilauetabilaueta Member Posts: 329

    Least favourite to go against would be either freddy or legion. Freddys either use bbq and pop to completely negate my progress instantly or spam blood traps at every loop (and also his confusing lunge, mix it with latency and it makes avoiding a hit by vaulting impossible). Legion is just legion, thana, sloppy and teammates who self-care

    Favourite has to be nurse, they are either not very good and I get to run zig-zagging to avoid her hits or they are gods and I get to see how nurse is still the queen of DBD

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