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GENS GUIDE for begginers and dummies

CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 2,471

This is a tips thread to know when and which gens to do:

  1. Avoid doing gens next to each other
  2. Avoid doing corner and second/top floor gens till 1 gen is remaining
  3. If people have just been hooked use their time on hook to advance on gens, don't go for an insta save or coordinate in SWF in order for two of you to do gens whyle one goes for the save
  4. Do middle gen first unless it's on a second or top floor
  5. Commit to finishing a gen nearly done if you KNOW you can finish it even when you're gonna get hit after you "pop" it

How will this affect your gameplay?

  1. This will split gens making you avoid 3 genning your team
  2. If you leave gens that are far away from each other for last gen you'll get a 3+ survivors escaped
  3. Insta saves incentivate tunneling and camping, even with BT, it just gives the killer the chance to instantly start a chase after hooking someone
  4. Middle gen splits the other gens apart making the killer patroll harder, but if it's on a second or top floor you wanna save that one for the last two gens in order to make patrolling more complex for the killer
  5. If you're on your last hook don't... If you're not you can handle being on the hook at the cost of one finished gen for your team, better on if you're a good looper giving some time for others before getting hooked after you finished that gen


  • CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 2,471

    I forgot another one, avoid going to the gen you spawned in, the killer is 90% sure to go straight there

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 1,241

    I think committing to finishing a genny is a mistake. Unless it's like the last 1, maybe 2. If you get too greedy as a survivor and take the hit and then end up on the hook within 30 seconds it may cost you an escape. Just get away before the killer is close enough hit you. Try to loop/lose him and count on your teammates to finish the gens while you loop. Or when you lose the killer you can try to go back to the genny. Although I can't tell you how many games snowball for me as killer because survivors refuse to cross the map and go for another gen. They just keeep coming back to the same genny right near the hooked survivor that tried to finish a genny. Then i keep getting pop hits and hooks.

  • CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 2,471

    Oh no, commiting is when you CAN finish it, if you're just being stubborn trying to get the gen the killer is patrolling that's just dumb...

    And yes, commiting is for the last 3 gens in my opinion

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 1,241

    Even finishing it is not worth it if your going on hook for it. And many killers will tunnel you for popping it in their face

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