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Un-Nerf The Doc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is he so slow?

It's not even fun to play as him anymore.

Endless looping and chasing..

Then survivors wanna talk [BAD WORD] about how good they are.. yeah right. Good at complaining.



  • TruthTheDeceiverTruthTheDeceiver Member Posts: 272



  • PlaquerPlaquer Member Posts: 196

    You realise he is just being tested out right now, and the devs said that the cooldown after shock would be reduced right? If you did nice bait.


    I'm a main doctor and this rework is a buff for me. The cool down after using shock therapy will be shorten. Also the new shock therapy has a bug,that's why it's that slow. The doctor changes are surprisingly good and I love them

  • RobMeister88RobMeister88 Member Posts: 291

    As much as the devs love nerfing killers on a regular basis, I gotta say, this ain't it chief. This time they actually did a real rework and not a sugar-coated nerf. They're even going to improve him further. The only thing that's wrong with Doc now is that his stage 3 madness is now practically useless as survivors won't automatically lose all their progress when missing the skill checks to snap out of it. So now stage 2 is literally more beneficial than stage 3. But all in all the rework for Doc was a solid 8/10, can't deny that.

  • ShrekIsHotShrekIsHot Member Posts: 3,120

    He's not nerfed, buffed if i'd say, good try though.

  • Yung_SlugYung_Slug Member Posts: 1,576

    He's faster than he was before now that treatment mode is gone. Still a weak killer though.

  • Mat_SellaMat_Sella Member Posts: 1,260

    He got buffed, tho. I appreciate the changes made, and enjoy the fact that it feels less BS as survivor

  • Knuckles2099Knuckles2099 Member Posts: 14
    edited January 26

    I bet half of you are noobs to this game... Since they released the game, he has been nerfed multiple times...smh

    This entire remake of this character is complete bs to help you survivors that keep complaining because that's the only skill you have.

    Why even change him? Why not just make another character all together?

  • thehotdogman93thehotdogman93 Member Posts: 81

    Here's a real question that I have. If the delay with the shock therapy is a bug, then why didn't they delay the mid chapter update to fix the bug instead of releasing it as it is, and making us Doc mains suffer in the meantime?

  • emptyCupsemptyCups Member Posts: 486

    As a doctor main... I feel I came out slightly negative.

    I enjoy the new blast because I like using the power of my own will.... the static detection was nice however mid carry or mid chase wasnt helpful. With distressing or whispers I can always hit a group nice.

    I dont enjoy the massive snap out of it nerf as it was my killers status effect and only reason to inflict shocks. Without it it's too much build up for madness 3 and not enough time spent in it.

    Its gotta go back to what it was or make survivors use a calming bell or something like freddy's wake up clock or plagues fountain.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 4,953

    The only thing i don't agree with is "Snap out of it" nerfs.

    However i think it's a huge buff.

  • FibijeanFibijean Member, Trusted Posts: 6,856

    What are you talking about? They reduced the cooldown by 1.5 seconds from the PTB, and it's now shorter than it was before the rework.

  • thehotdogman93thehotdogman93 Member Posts: 81

    I'm talking about the delay between using shock therapy and having it land on survivors, not the delay between a shock therapy and another action.

    Before the mid chapter update, I was landing shock therapys just before a survivor hits a vault, pallet, ect. Now that the rework has come out, chases have been a lot harder. Everytime I cast a shock therapy, it's either too late and they vault over anyways, or it's too soon and that stun delay passes before they get their vault or pallet drop in. That 1 sec delay between casting a shock therapy and having it land is a bug supposedly that's been making me struggle in chases.

  • FibijeanFibijean Member, Trusted Posts: 6,856

    It's strange that you're noticing a difference. It might just have to do with the new range of the attack, or the servers if you're on PS4 or something, because the devs have confirmed that they didn't change that delay at all. There has always been a 1-second delay between charging Shock Therapy and having it land. It was only increased to 1.25 seconds on the PTB by mistake, which was rectified when the patch when live.

  • thehotdogman93thehotdogman93 Member Posts: 81

    Interesting. It could be that I haven't been running my addons that I used before. I'll have to work on it.

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