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Making evil incarnate easier

HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 8,919

No I am not changing the achievement overall, as some people actually gotten it before and I want them to still feel good about getting it, I just want to fix the common issue with this, when you get tier 3 finally and survivors use lockers to avoid being mori'd and dcing to remove the chance of the achievement

Make tombstone (UR tombstone) be able to mori survivors who use lockers by opening the locker and pulling the survivor out by the neck to mori them

Disconnects count towards 1 hook, 1 sacrifice, and 1 kill

So if the survivor DC's they will be considered mori'd towards the challenge, the 1 Hook and 1 Sacrifice part will help doing this challenge not De-pip you because of it, if you like ranks, and 1 hook is out of the achievement part and allowing you to get that one bbq stack cause the survivor DC'd to prevent the stack

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