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M1 during infinite frenzy

DeadWasteDeadWaste Member Posts: 7
edited January 15 in The Legion

Hello friends,

I played against a Legion today (on PC) which got bugged into an infinite frenzy. She was running around in sprint the entire time after the bug happened and could just M1 people casually. I think it is a little different to the other posts where the player gets stunned and is then in infinte frenzy without M1 ability.

I was playing survivor and can only tell you what the Killer told me in post game chat. Apparently it happened after the Killer got blinded over and over again (plus flashlight save or maybe saves?) and the frenzy gauge was going up and down.

Here is a video of the bug. (only from survivor side)


(I made a new post because the other one was kinda empty with the deleted videos)

Best regards =)

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