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Killer on the switch

Does anyone else find playing killer on the switch extremely clunky and laggy compared to other platforms. It feels way to easy to miss hit its insane. The I play on xbox and ps4 too and it's so different on them.

Best Answers


  • ZeidoktorZeidoktor Member Posts: 38

    I've had some difficulty on console/using controller in general, so I haven't noticed it as much on the Switch vs PS4.

  • RipleHHH89RipleHHH89 Member Posts: 38

    It's insane on the switch, but as a survivor you only have to turn slightly and the killer will miss most of the time lol playing as killer on switch is not very fun, most of the time hitting air or objects even when they are right in front it's crazy stupid lol I don't think it should be such a different experience from the rest, its also almost unplayable docked too its even worse of an experience, but the only way to play on switch is handheld. But luckily I play on xbox and ps4 too. Thanks for the responses.

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