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I have a off topic question . About how old my processor is.

snowflake102snowflake102 Member Posts: 1,741

How old is my processor? Is it time to upgrade it? My processor is AMD APU A4-7300 .

And my graphics card is Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti.

I want a processor that's not the latest one but is the next level up. i want one that can play most AAA games. And is not to expansive . Thx for any one that can help me with this question :)


  • MakoaKeoMakoaKeo Member Posts: 40
    edited January 15

    To answer the question posed by the title: Both the Processor and CPU were released in 2014. If they still work to your liking, i wouldn't say you need to upgrade it, however it would be beneficial to do so as better processors have been released.

    As for getting advice on upgrading a PC, perhaps the Off Topic forum would be better suited for your needs.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 5,236


    first, graphics card

    Your Graphics card is fairly outdated for 2020 standards, so i'd personally say it's time to upgrade that, but that's my opinion. Something like a 1050 or 1050 TI is decent to use still in 2020, not amazing since it's going to soon be outdated eventually, but it's still a decent choice for an upgrade

    If you can use a bit more money for a graphics card, than a 1060 or 1070 TI would better a be a better choice.

    a 1070 TI is more expensive, but a 1060 or 1050 TI is around 150-100$, at least from ebay and amazon searches.

    second, processor

    I'm not really experienced with computers, I just know a few things about Graphics Cards and what not.

    But from reviewing your processor, it appears to be fairly dated as well, so i'd say yes to upgrading it, but to what is not something I'm really sure of. You best option to looking into cheap processors is through youtube videos and reviews.

    ending statement for the post itself

    This sub-forum is mostly for DBD related questions, this question is more fitting for something like the Off-Topic sub-forum like MakoaKeo stated above. That's the best place to post non-DBD related questions, but for the sake of answering questions, I took the liberty to give some knowledge on the subject from an outside view.

    Here's the link again for any future off-topic NON-DBD related questions:

  • snowflake102snowflake102 Member Posts: 1,741

    I looked for the off topic before I posted this BUT thx for the link :)

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 5,236
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