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Ok all you pros



  • scatscat Member Posts: 33

    I like how the baby killer who can't win without ruin is making an attempt to insult me😂 sorry you spend your whole life on these forums and comment immediately after I call you out for giving advice that a 10 year old would give. I didn't even have to reply to you and you got salty.. that sad fact speaks volumes for you👶🍼

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 3,759

    i use BBQ & Chili, Pop Goes The Weasel, Thanatophobia and Brutal Strength.

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 1,431

    Depends on the add ons you use. I like his speed add ons and uncloaking speed.

    A good perk is Make Your Choice. If you try it with a normal killer the exposed survivor will run when they hear your terror radius either keep running or hide. With Wraith they run a bit and then stop. Is Wraith coming? Is he busy? They dont know. They also dont know which direction you will approach from. It’s very easy to sneak up on people like this.

    You can make it back to the hook fast with his add on and the uncloaking speed buff helps you land that sneak hit. Silent bell or bone clapper would work too.

  • KaceSpirehKaceSpireh Member Posts: 72
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