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Face camping penalty please

Psypho_DiazPsypho_Diaz Member Posts: 185
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So proxy camping can arguably be necessary as survivors often are already in the area waiting to unhook. Especially with a good headgear and the sound of pitter patter near by as you hook.

But I literally just had a doctor sit face to face with his first victim in The first hook of the game until they died which gave us time to do gens (minus his buddy who sat and waited like a potato.

Does some camping on the second survivor he finds, until the 3rd went for the save and then chased him. I fixed 3 gens and cleanse 3 totems. Get downed by NOED and die on hook. Only one made it out alive.

I did my best to get work done while he was occupied but I wasnt running with a tool box and I'm not the best at finding skill checks when they move, but I didn't get to really do anything to earn bloodpoints that match. Altruism was a bunk since the killer sat right in front of his hooks and my only boldness was the totems..... Or standing near the killer which is a water of time.

Not only does face camping destroy the camped survivors fun but greatly hinders the other survivors from getting points as well. At the end of the match the killer some how accured 25k bloodpoints whole the surviving player only got 17k. I was at 13k and again I did majority of the gens. This literally makes it look like the killer is awarded for such a gameplay when he did nothing while everyone else playing smart are penalized. Is it so hard to subtract points from like brutality or hooks when they are 0.1m away from the hook staring at it? Or at least giving the hooked survivor some distraction points (altruism)?

I don't think killers should be able to earn above 15k when they are face camping for so long. It really just ruins the game.

**Post edit after reading some bad commenters**

I'll just keep ruining the game for new players, hopefully the player pool isn't affected. But thanks for defending my choice by saying it's legitimate.

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  • Psypho_DiazPsypho_Diaz Member Posts: 185

    I barely saved pipped and I did 3 gens and 3 totems. There was no room for heals, unhooks or chases. You're clearly not a good reader.

    My problem is my game was limited because there was no opportunity to do anything else, plus this being camped really got screwed.

  • Psypho_DiazPsypho_Diaz Member Posts: 185

    Why don't you reread the post instead of defend your choice of crappy strategy.


  • YaBoiFreddyYaBoiFreddy Member Posts: 31

    Legit strat imo there's many ways altruistic survivors can get the guy off the hook including that 1 perk that gives em a extra hit if the killer wants to camp 1 guy he can suffer as more gens get repaired if anything add 1 more Gen or onli a 2 hook game over ;)

  • Psypho_DiazPsypho_Diaz Member Posts: 185

    Nice attempt to troll but no go. Especially when they can pull you off when unhooking. Plus running solo q, so not bringing "that one perk" for randos.

  • Psypho_DiazPsypho_Diaz Member Posts: 185

    Sounds like a baby killer, play more before.... Play better more before you talk legit strategy.

    FYI you probably thinking hiding in the corner with a shotgun in FPS is also legit.

  • MakoaKeoMakoaKeo Member Posts: 63

    "Is it so hard to subtract points from like brutality or hooks when they are 0.1m away from the hook staring at it? Or at least giving the hooked survivor some distraction points (altruism)?"

    Yes. it is so hard to fit the scenario you suggested into the coding of the game which is already fairly complex. Take some time to look up how games are coded and you'll understand.

    Face camping sucks if you're the first one it happens to in a game. but its part of the game. Suck it up, shake it off and move on with your life.

  • Psypho_DiazPsypho_Diaz Member Posts: 185

    Keep reading the post I did 3 by myself, I also wasn't running with a tool box and I missed a few short skill checks that moved to the corners of my screen, I also only ran to the hook once at the beginning and when I saw him making out with the survivor I left.

  • ReallyBigShoeReallyBigShoe Member Posts: 764

    I'm a rank 1 Wraith and Billy main.

    I also don't camp. That doesn't stop the fact that killers camp because survivors constantly feed them kills. This isn't new. Also - only "baby survivors" complain about camping in 2020. You have all the tools at your disposal to punish camping.

    I should also note - I rush in shooter games. Hot drop in BR's etc. Camping is boring to me. Go ahead, keep making assumptions.

  • Psypho_DiazPsypho_Diaz Member Posts: 185

    I have a degree in EE, I program way more complex systems than video games at work..... Actually, simulators so I know what it takes to run a "game" it wouldn't be too different than how AOE perks work already. Nice try though

  • MakoaKeoMakoaKeo Member Posts: 63

    if that's the case, you come up with the code and send it to them.

  • Psypho_DiazPsypho_Diaz Member Posts: 185
    edited January 15

    Only if they pay me my current hourly worth which I doubt they could afford.

    Also I paid for the game to play it, not work on it.

  • ReallyBigShoeReallyBigShoe Member Posts: 764

    On the flip side, only baby survivors still complain about camping in 2020. Also - face camping doesn't exist anymore. There is only camping now. Face camping hasn't been a thing for a good long while, since you can unhook from any angle now.

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,571

    Killers who facecamp don't care about pips or bloodpoints.

    And if the killer ends up with 3+ kills and 15k+ bloodpoints, it's the survivors' fault anyway.

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 1,831


    And you should get out of your rage or frustration and open your mind for the meanings of other ppl. I didnt meant you have to do 5 gens alone, why do you complain about facecamping and not to your teammates that are supposed to to the gens WITH YOU ... because you know... its a 1v4 not 1v1

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,571

    That's right. It's the survivors' fault that the game went how it went, so the logical thing would be to be annoyed by the teammates, not the killer.

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 1,831


    Yup thats what I was up too, thanks for understanding me and clearing that out!

  • CymerCymer Member Posts: 942

    What kind of penalty would you like to see implemented?

    Anything besides teleporting or stunning the killer wouldn't change a thing. And if you start teleporting and stunning the killer for unwanted actions...you better design AI killers, who plays "nice".

    Right now we got Kindred and BT as well as DS to help against Face camping.

    What you personally can do is teaming up with a friend. Alternative check out the forums or discord for a group to play in.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 5,960

    The penalty should be that all Gens get done and he gets away with 1k. And the penalty should include that nobody says anything in Endgame Chat, because this is the reaction they want to trigger.

    Even tho, it does obviously not work all the time that everyone is doing Gens, but the ideal solution would be, to just hammer those Gens. Sucks for that guy on the Hook, but nothing can be done.

    So the outcome will be minimal Kills and BPs and no Salt in Endgame Chat (like, I got camped by a German Streamer once (really small Streamer, apparently I hurt his feelings at one day), so he camped me with Insidious Billy... Got 5k BP and 1 BBQ Stack out of it, while burning two green Add Ons and a Pudding...If every game with a facecamper would end like that, it would be great, but often enough Killers get a lot of BP and even Kills, because Survivors are way too altruistic).

  • Psypho_DiazPsypho_Diaz Member Posts: 185

    It's really bad when you're trying to get takeone for the team and they just ignore you to tunnel the unhooked cause they suck so bad they have to ensure they get a kill.

  • Psypho_DiazPsypho_Diaz Member Posts: 185

    Take blood points away. Make the leveling grind that much harder.

  • YaBoiFreddyYaBoiFreddy Member Posts: 31

    There's no rule against camping or tunneling it is unsportsman like but still part of the game how u suppose to finish the hook 5 survivors in basement in a single game without camping?? The chances they all gonna just be hanging round a basement are very very slim.

  • Psypho_DiazPsypho_Diaz Member Posts: 185

    So I'm stuck with being capped at 15k a game cause the killer doesn't want to play. Wow sounds like a good course of action.

  • ReallyBigShoeReallyBigShoe Member Posts: 764

    They already get significantly less bloodpoints when they camp someone to death. They also get cucked with the emblem system and will likely depip. So wish granted. Boom, I just solved your problem.

  • Psypho_DiazPsypho_Diaz Member Posts: 185

    5 survivors? You just discredited your whole arguements.

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