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Slow the game down... just a little bit...

Heya, 1900 hour survivor main here. So there is obviously a lot of talk about the upcoming changes (cancellation) to Ruin, and since the beginning of the game there has been a lot of talk about the pace of the game.

I'm sure I'm not alone in the thought that I've had since I first played in 2017 - there should be more than just generators for our objective.

To me it makes more sense to the tale that is waking up in The Fog, that the survivors would head for the outer walls and look for an escape first. So I was thinking about one of two potential tasks. Either the survivors have to locate the exit gates and flip both switches up, or locate 2 fuse-boxes / switch-panels on the perimeter wall somewhere. These need to be found and activated before the blinking lights start on top of the generators, and they become available for repair.

I would think the action of flipping the switches on would take 2-3 seconds, just a quick objective that's not easily interrupted. The killer DOES NOT see any aura or indication of these objectives. Both need to be switched on before generators are available.

At high ranks this should be no issue at all, easy. At low ranks it forces immediate exploration of the maps. It would give low rank killers a chance to put on some pressure and get a hook before generators have even started.

It will slow the game down, just a little bit (as a famous Youtuber once said... or maybe a few hundred times).

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