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How to buff Clown(semi rework)

Bigbootiejudy666Bigbootiejudy666 Member Posts: 407
edited January 15 in General Discussions

Since my time playing clown I notice what´s making him the worse killer in DBD, The lack of pressure. Good Killers have the ability to put pressure on survivors( examples: Hag,Spirit,Etc.) but Clown does not have the slightest inch of pressure to put on the survivors. The devs solely made Clown a chase killer by making his power shine only in chases.

So I Thought about it for awhile and came up with solution to make Clown a good killer.

So instead of Clown having just his bottles, He has Jack in the boxes that will let out a new toxic tonic, The Pustla Poison. Ever since the Hallow Blight event the clown has been experimenting with the pustla flower and has come up with a concoction that will weaken the survivor immune system and make them puke.

The Clown has 3 of these jack in the boxes and it takes 2 seconds to wind up the boxes and extra 2 seconds to place it down. It will take a total of 20 seconds for the Jack to pop out and release the tonic, But the Tonic mist will stay in the area for 65 seconds and will spread out to 15 meters . When a survivor comes in contact with Pustla Mist, They bend down start puking. Unlike the Plague, The survivors can not move while in puking animation( The puking animation will last 3.5 seconds) After this animation The survivor will become immune to the mist for 1.5 seconds, giving them time to get out of gas. If the survivor stays in the gas for a second time they puke for 6.5 seconds and will injured them. After the second time, the survivors will have a shorter time to get out of gas( 1 second). If the survivor is still in the area where mist is for a third time. They will be put in the dying state.

After the jack released the tonic and the mist is gone, The clown must refilled these Jacks. refilling the jacks take 4.5 seconds.

This will help the clown keep up pressure even if he across the map and will punish survivors who go into the mist carelessly.


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