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Did Stranger Things really happen?



  • ppo8820ppo8820 Member Posts: 763

    I see a ton of Steve’s. Usually toxic scoops a hoy Steve’s with flashlights and no integrity.

  • EchorionEchorion Member Posts: 1,574

    You could see them more often if you implemented those fixes that were requested from just about everyone who played the characters....

    Thing Is I get the feeling initial sales were done so it is no longer of company interest.

  • DBD_PinheadDBD_Pinhead Member Posts: 424

    I play Demo but he took a back seat to Oni and had him perked out faster. I like Demo but the fact that his power depends on survivors not cleansing portals is problematic at best.

  • cap9130cap9130 Member Posts: 16

    For me I see Nancy all the time. Steve and demo not so much

  • WillbebossinWillbebossin Member Posts: 6

    Constantly see them on ps4. Steve's with the glasses or Nancy's with the new outfit. Dont see many demos tho but Hawkins frequently too.

  • NikkiwhatNikkiwhat Member Posts: 1,118

    I haven't seen Nancy in so long, occasionally I see Steve...no Demodoggos in a long time so far. I think it had a huge splash, like all dlcs do for a couple months...but at this moment in my games last couple days, its def been quite on the Stranger Things end.

  • ThecoolestguyThecoolestguy Member Posts: 28

    Every Steve I've seen is either more annoying or cuter than baby Dwights. Yes even at Rank 10

  • bilauetabilaueta Member Posts: 165

    Demo is easily my favourite killer. S tier 100%

    No discussions allowed

    Dont diss the demodog :)

  • Midori_21Midori_21 Member Posts: 57

    I use fixated and inner strength often, but other than that, no. I rarely see anyone using any of the stranger things characters.

  • RadicalRadical Member Posts: 1

    Yeah. Theyre just as common as any other killers or survivors.

  • HorrorLover74HorrorLover74 Member Posts: 35

    I use Inner Strength and Better Together alot so people know not to run near me when doing a gen. I run second wind also pretty good when you get to pull it off. I main Nancy on the side and play Steve every so often. Demo is a rare occurence but when I play killer I play Demo and use his perks every so often. Hawkins sadly I wish I got that more but lately just Haddonfield.

  • screeeeeeaaaaamscreeeeeeaaaaam Member Posts: 4

    I see Steve's almost every game, and nancys often too. never fought a demogorgon, but I'm at low ranks at the moment. all I ever see are rank 20 trappers recently when I play survivor. as for the perks, the only perk from either survivor that I see often is Inner Strength.

  • ShirokuroShirokuro Member Posts: 127

    I play them all quite a lot. Wish some of their perks got buffs though. Some ideas I've been thinking of:

    Fixated should also work when injured. Don't really see why not since you still bleed.

    Second Wind's healing requirement could be changed from 100% to 50% since a lot of people mess it up by using self-care for one nanosecond. Also co-op healing shouldn't affect the progressing.

    Babysitter could maybe show the killer aura for the unhooked as well.

    Camaraderie should work in both hook phases. Maybe reduce the timer pause to compensate.

    Surge should activate when downing a survivor, any way possible, not just with basic attacks.

    Mindbreaker would probably work better if it worked on a generator with more than 50% progress instead of less than 50%.

    And finally, Cruel Limits' range and/or time could be increased.

  • SaltyMiuSaltyMiu Member Posts: 5

    Im a Nancy main and i often run into Steve but not the Hawkins lab and the cutie demogorgon tho.

  • NikotiiniNikotiini Member Posts: 49

    Don't do that. You don't solve anything by letting your teammates die just because your previous teammate was toxic.

  • NikotiiniNikotiini Member Posts: 49

    I see Nancy players actually quite often at high ranks. Not that many Steves though

  • celestialking24celestialking24 Member Posts: 9

    I still see Nancy quite often and Steve on occasion. I even saw Nancy earlier tonight while I was playing killer. Demogorgon though, not as much.

  • FearlessHunterFearlessHunter Member Posts: 296

    Every Steve I see is either a potato or an overconfident cocky player who either dc's cause he gets caught or purposely tries to get the killer to rage quit by tea bagging and then if that doesn't work they insult the killer at end game chat.

  • premiumRICEpremiumRICE Member Posts: 612

    Inner strank is a viable perk and sometimes I see hawkins map and new chara too, I myself play them sometimes

  • wichael_wyerswichael_wyers Member Posts: 121

    I feel like I see them somewhat. I think people generally main Neas and Megs and such, so every other character besides the ogs seem rare in general. I definitely don't see the Hawkins map that much.

    People use Inner Strength, and even Fixated surprisingly, but yeah don't see them using Steve's perks. As for Demogorgon, he feels rare to see. Same goes for his perks. Oof.

    Maybe this depends on platform? I feel like people who watch Stranger Things would most likely own a Xbox or PS4 rather than a compatible computer. Not even sure if that audience is still regularly playing this game (like picking up the game once a week LOL). I'd love to see player retention after every DLC or at least supposedly major DLC.

  • Primalux135Primalux135 Member Posts: 219
    edited January 16

    I pretty much use demogorgon recently I like its shred jump. I suppose its not really common due to cost half of the game price that DLC...

  • IhatelifeIhatelife Member Posts: 3,658
  • Umbrae_pkUmbrae_pk Member Posts: 415

    Buff demo? Nerf Inner Strength? Nerf Steve? You’re so vague.

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