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Tired of all the fighting..let's play a game..

So everyone has different ideas on who is viable and why...theres a few undisputed like spirit and freddy who were a smashing success. Now here is my question..who do you feel is weak..and who do you think could be viable with a small change?..for me Myers stands near clown for me in weakness..because he has way too much downtime..he can snowball but he has a weak and loopsble ability considering the effort involved in gaining it..couple that with his limited stalking resource..I'd fix him by giving him one final bonus in ew3..I'd grant him faster breaking speeds as well..this allows him to bare minimum burn through some pallets and reduce waste..and//or turn each survivor stalked from flat resource based to cd based..its function the same but the difference being that after say a minute or so of not being stalked or from empty, their stalk would replenish..as myers also has the misfortune of becoming weaker as the game drags on..strictly mid game killer..and frankly mid game isnt there long.

For my right under viable pick its hag..shes strong but Carrie's some very heavy weaknesses..chief among them is her range..on smaller maps its barely noticable but on bigger open maps she takes a while to set up a grid and theres a potential for trap waste..with ruin gone it would devastate her to have that happen..plus it's her map mobility tool so I'd just remove range altogether and repurpose the addons so hag players can toy with different addons

Now your guys' turn..I'm very curious


  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 908

    Who i feel is weak would be trapper. He can snowball really well but usually it's too late before he get's to that point. Also he's one of the few killers who's power can be disabled by base survivors

    Simplest fix i can think of is to make him start with more traps so he doesn't need to run all across the map to get them and increase the time it takes to disarm a trap

    Unpopular oppinion but close to viable i would say Legion. Reduce his cooldown of FF and make it less punishing on misses and i feel he can be a really good killer

  • immortalls96immortalls96 Member Posts: 2,432

    Hmm..interesting..trapper I agree 110 percent..legion I feel has a deeper issue but it's nice to see despite his rocky path in this game they still have their fans

  • ALostPuppyALostPuppy Member Posts: 191

    Someone had the idea (I think it was Puppets actually) to just give Trapper all of his traps at the start of the match. Honestly I don't think this would be that broken or anything, it just means you get to actually play the videogame faster.

    (Also pls give Trapper the ability to reset traps without having to pick them up and place them again it's such an outdated and boring way of resetting a trap)

  • NikkiwhatNikkiwhat Member Posts: 1,118

    MANY people have wanted that for Trapper for awhile xP. I would even like Trapper jus starting with 3-5 Traps but needing add-ons to pick up that many after they've been used

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