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LMAO! Balance arguments... Sure...

CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 1,758
edited January 15 in General Discussions

The problem here is that people have different perceptions of a win...

Most Killers feel survivors are OP or favoured cause they THINK a win is a 3k+ and they can't get that in 50% on the games (which would mean they "win" 50% of the time), whyle on the other hand, survivors have different understanding of a win, weather if it's based on if you pipped, you managed to survive alone, how many survived, etc.

Take me for example, red ranks both killer and surv, xbox.

For me, if 2 got killed on both sides it's a tie, but, as survivor, a win is when 3 or more escaped, not if I escaped, not if 2 escaped and I was one of them, and as killer, a 3k+ is a win, but not if I didn't get at least a black pip so....

It's more complex than a 50/50 survival/kill rate.

In my OPINION, as a red rank in both roles, survivor is WAY easier than killer, don't get me wrong, I still pip and 3k+ almost every game as killer, but it takes more of an effort than when I'm survivor.

Real balance could be perceived in this community as soon as they manage, I don't know how, to get a 2k average per game with a Rank Study of Normal Behaviour Variance of 1k, which means that the average of 2k would be produced by a normal behaviour where 50% of the games the killer gets a 3k and on 50% of the games the killer 1k

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  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 2,281

    The statistics are unrealiable. That much is clear.

    A 50% kill rate means most Killer's are de-pipping.

    Here, let me put it this way, I have been playing a lot of Bubba at Rank 1. I have a current 4K streak of 12 games, counting DC's. That does not mean Bubba is top tier. That means I am a better player than the Survivor's I am facing, which is a direct result of the matchmaker and easier pip'ing requirements for Survivor. The average Survivor in Red Ranks has a lot less time played, skill and game knowledge than most Killer's at that rank.

  • CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 1,758

    Exactly! My point is my first paragraph, "The problem here is that people have different perceptions of a win..."

    Pipping, how many kills the killer got, how much I enjoyed the game, if I managed to do a challenge or not, if my teammates were DB and I saved their butts, damn, there's way to many variables to have in mind and they cannot be placed as facts, the argument of a 50% survival rate does not mean players are getting the feeling of a "win" or a "loss", even less a "balance"

    This game needs bugs fixing, matchmaking fixing, pipping and emblems fixing and programmed accurate and objective DC punishments.

  • Snow_LepSnow_Lep Member Posts: 166

    My win as a survivor is based on if I can do enough when getting chased to let them do gens, and maybe escape as a bonus. If someone is being chased, then my win is getting as many gens done as possible why they are being chased.

    For killer; Did I have fun? Did I avoid tunneling? Did I avoid being trashy and tunnely? Did I play well and keep the game fun for all sides?

  • JinniJinni Member Posts: 32
    edited January 15

    The problem is that this game doesn't reward you for actually winning, so winning is subjective, therefore everyone wants to balance the game their own way... In my opinion what characterizes a win is if you pip or not, because it's the only implemented metric to see if you did good or not according to what the devs think the game should be... Me for example... I don't reaaaally care if a survivor escapes if I pip, but if I don't, I get reeeeaally frustrated, because even though sometimes I dominate a game I still black pip, which doesn't make sense at all...

    But the devs themselves already said they balance 'for fun', which is controversial since you CAN'T HAVE FUN with a character you BOUGHT just because you get optimal ppl playing on the other end, and then they say 'Not all killers are supposed to be viable at rank 1'... Well, it means I shouldn't have fun if I want to play this killer then? I should be happy to be bullied? Why even buy a DLC then? Why even bother making a killer that will be played 1% of the games because he isn't good enough?

    You see... The main problem of this game is that the devs are lost, and this is pretty clear. I for instance, don't play the majority of killers anymore, because if you do it at rank 1, you're asking to either de/black pip cuz you have to slug, or to be bullied the hell out by SWF if you try to actually win (pip). So until the devs figure out what the hell they want for this game, we'll have this type of senseless conversations just cuz we want to have a good game.

  • goat10emgoat10em Member Posts: 586

    I honestly don't know what a win is. To me, it is pipping. Even at rank 1, I want to see that pip or I consider it a tie or a loss. As survivor I don't care whether or not I survive, as long as I pip. As killer I don't care whether or not I kill anyone as long as I pip. the problem for me with the 2 kill 2 escape is as killer, more often than not, that is a depip.

  • CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 1,758

    Yep, I was there once, but then I started asking more from myself, 3k+ or 3 survived (it doesn't matter if I died in order for them to live AND a pip

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