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Please Don't Rework Ruin Without Giving Something Back

I've been testing this thing all week and it's made things much more fustrating. Killers who have low default map pressure get 1-3 gens done BEFORE THEY EVEN HOOK SOMEONE. That's a MAJOR flaw if you're going to restrict us to using the Big Bad 4 (Nurse, Spirit, Billy, Freddy), Killers that normally don't struggle with low map pressure (Ghostface, Wraith, Pig, Myers) are suddenly gen-rushed to the point I mentioned above. Killer like Legion and Plague excel with this new rework because Survivors are always stopping what they're doing to avoid them.

Even before this PTB was released, I have only received Rank 1 achievement for the Killer side, and since the Balanced Landing nerf that happened, I've consistently been stuck at ranks 5-8 at Killer because the patches following that one have become more and more Survivor-oriented, and I have been playing Survivor more and more to de-stress from playing Killer with how frustratingly difficult it's become in the past few months. I don't even play Survivor seriously by not using meta perks and I'm already in Red Ranks with little to no effort on my part!

However, with the latest patch-notes take the cake for the fabled "Survivor-sided" notes. The entire patch notes involving the designer notes literally went on about "not fun for Survivors" "Survivors this" "Survivors that" what about Killers? We know you nerf both sides but your job as designers for both sides of this game you're supposed to sound UNBIASED. You make the Killer fan-base feel absolutely not only ignored but back-stabbed by your blatant words making your notes sound purely of the Survivor perspective! That's not right to alienate your fan-base like that! Ever!

Has your team thought why perhaps 80% of Red Rank Killers run Hex: Ruin? I'm fairly certain I just explained it at the top of this topic. I mean sure go ahead and rework Hex: Ruin but give Killers something in return, like the much requested 2nd objective to give to Survivors other than opening the gate after gens are done. Just give us SOMETHING after making your patch notes sound so blatantly Survivor-sided. That's just not fair to do to people who enjoy playing Killer.

Please consider these words Behaviour, because if you're not careful you're going to face another Killer strike. Remember how that one went? 2-4 hour queue times for Survivors? Please remember what happened last time, because there's already plenty of talk about another strike after this PTB release over on redit.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you at least consider the words. I apologize for not giving too much detail about giving Killers back something in return but I'm sure there's others out there who already have with the 2nd objective topics that float around.

-A Concerned and Saddened Fan of This Game-


  • FeleasFeleas Member Posts: 85

    UPDATE: Something I forgot to mention was that without Hex: Ruin I've felt compelled to hurry with hooking and killing Survivors to the point that I, an experienced Killer main, have been resorting to using scummy and toxic tactics just to get kills. I don't like this style of gameplay at all, and I feel I'm being forced into it. It just doesn't feel right.

  • FeleasFeleas Member Posts: 85

    Haha, right?!

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 2,606

    I like the Ruin change, but I feel like it has come too early to the game. With all the unbalanced maps still in this game, the Ruin nerf might be problematic. If way more maps were already reworked, and there were no god windows anymore, this nerf would have most likely caused much less of an uproar.

    I do understand why they nerfed Ruin, and I personally also disliked how it was more powerful at lower ranks. It was also an incredibly inconsistent perk. Also, it's true that Ruin is pretty much required for the weaker killers, but that also means that the powerful killers are potentially too strong with Ruin. Ruin on Freddy, Hillbilly or Nurse for example was arguably too powerful.

    A second objective would have been nice in the same patch, but BHVR has to consider a lot when adding a second objective. Camping and tunneling would have to be nerfed in some way, and solo survivors would also need to finally be buffed to get more of the information that swf survivors have.

    Though I do believe that map reworks would also do the trick. I'm not sure though what would be healthier for the game. Maps that allow killer more counterplay and map pressure, or a second objective. I feel like the best solution would be to have both. Some maps that are bigger and/or have more safe pallet loops also contain a second objective for survivors, where as maps like Hawkins don't receive any second objective, since they are already quite balanced.

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