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Bugs, Bugs aaaaaand more Bugs!

NakedwildmanNakedwildman Member Posts: 26

DbD Endgame at its finest :)

Saw this happening first time now....


  • survivormain1105survivormain1105 Member Posts: 262

    Wtf happened

  • NikkiwhatNikkiwhat Member Posts: 1,118

    I forgot to record it, but every time I Tier 3 stabbed people as Michael Myers in my recent gamea...he jumps up into the air....was really jarring.

    Got stuck for a bit after cleansing a totem...thankfully unstuck myself, but it could've been an AWFUL experience as it was at the start of a match no less.

    Had textures on my Medkit gone, was jus white n gray checkered

  • NakedwildmanNakedwildman Member Posts: 26

    well, this survivor got taken down in the mid of the game, and since then couldnt get hooked for unknown reason... when the game was over, the "endgame sequence" started, and when it was over, it didnt killed even the survivor.... and basically the killer had to quit the lobby, go out without getting anythng, because the survivor remained on thsi spot like forever

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 8,358

    Did the streamer report them for exploiting then?

    He's got hard evidence after all.

  • NakedwildmanNakedwildman Member Posts: 26

    Not for what i know...

    I guess the actual Game is disappointing enough to not care anything anymore much...

    But im speaking for myself, i cant speak for the Streamers thoughts..

  • Ravenstarr1Ravenstarr1 Member Posts: 1

    I didn't screen shot it or anything but this keeps happening. All my friend and I want to do is play together(PC). We can usually play one match, but then it'll kick him and it's gotten worse as time has passed. Before it started with just kicking, then showing the other person as "in match" or "in lobby" when they were in menus, now it's not even letting us restart our game to play a match. We both ready then it says that the other person left the party when they didn't. Also sometimes when inviting someone they join, but the person who invited them can't see them. We still really want to play together but it gets us really salty and not want to play as much. Please try to fix this soon and thanks for reading this big paragraph.

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