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If you play both Survivor and Killer, are you happy or upset about the Ruin change overall?



  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,246

    Do you not know how ruin works or do you need it explained again?

  • KaceSpirehKaceSpireh Member Posts: 110

    To be honest as a 50 50 I don't care about it, I can still work without ruin as I mostly run Thanataphobia/Corrupt on most my killers

  • TenebroTenebro Member Posts: 89

    Come on ... it's better to not write anything rather than writing this. The community proved this is wrong several times, and I agree with them. You devs don't accept that (or don't want to understand, I don't know) ... and it's ok, it's your game, your company, your business. But please stop joking about this, you will only get more people angrier (where is your PR team?). Please stay in silence, release the patch, and hope for the best!

    Because if this is the logic, then nerf Corrupted Intervention too (why not?): as a killer it makes me relax in early game with less gens to care of (I have to be much more active if I don't use this perk), it doesn't require too much skill or choices to get advantage from it, and it'll get you depressed if you don't find anyone; as a Survivor, to counter it I have to stay hidden for 2 mins with my team doing nothing, and if I chose to be active because of boredom, I will for sure decrease the chances of escaping because I'll play in a phase where the killer is "boosted". So let's get rid of this perk, promotes bad gameplay from both parties.

  • TarveshTarvesh Member Posts: 765


    Upset at its execution.

    Upset at the clearly biased and profit-focused reasoning behind it.

    Upset at its implementation while ignoring the absolutely oldest and core issues with the game.

    The bias is so heavy that the game might just be called Dead by the end of the year if they startthrowing the killers some very large bones or dedicate themselves to overhauling game balance.

  • RngGeneratorRngGenerator Member Posts: 25

    I wouldn't have a problem with it if the totem spawns weren't so terrible. If BHVR just made it so that ruin spawns at a random location AWAY from gens and survivor spawns it would fine because they would have to actively go look for it. If the new ruin gets cleansed in the first few seconds of the game then you have a massive disadvantage as you only have 3 perks for the whole game.

  • DythosDythos Member Posts: 46

    As a player: Disappointed and dubious.

    Hex: Ruin encouraged survivors to improve their gameplay and grow as a player. Always felt that Hex: Ruin offered reasonable counterplay. One could learn to land greats, cleanse the offending totem, or (if they were desperate) gen tap. And once someone learned how to land those greats, they could apply that skill to all other aspects of being a survivor.

    Dubious because it's going to force killers to play far more aggressively and sweaty. Killers will be forced to do more slugging and tunneling off of hook just to get players out of the game that much faster. Games will end quicker, and I don't see this change improving queue times, so that will lead to a less satisfying experience.

    As a killer: Annoyed, frustrated

    I personally used Hex: Ruin to buy myself time to find the first survivor. I never expect it to stay up all game, and even if it was destroyed in the first 15 seconds, it gives me the location of one survivor and effectively kept one survivor off of gens. If Ruin lasted longer, it just gave me more time and gave me the luxury of being able to play a more relaxed game, or to play and learn new killers I don't often play. Basically used Ruin to make sure I got enough time to actually feel like I had a chance to play the game, win or lose. I feel like without Ruin, I'm going to be pigeon-holed into using even more gen slowdown perks just to make sure the game lasts for a reasonable amount of time.

    On a side note, I know a few friends in my circle are planning on stopping playing killer entirely when the Ruin changes happen. It's not because they are upset, but they are more casual players (limited free time, multiple jobs, school, etc), and can't justify the new time investment thrust upon them. When I inquired what they meant, they explained that they'd have to level up a bunch of other killers, unlock their teachables, then burn though bloodpoints and bloodwebs until they got the other perks on the killers they wanted to play. So now instead of playing killer, they will just reroll their killer dailies, and be 100% survivor.

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,966
    edited January 17

    I think it's stupid. At least Ruin made skill checks funnier on Gens. Now it's a joke to play survivor if you don't escape then your bad and really should uninstall at this point.

    As killer I think the new Ruin is cool, but I think it should of just been a new perk in general. What changing Ruin really did was screw killers on all bigger maps even some smaller ones. Not everyone wants to play a top tier killer.

    Just need to pressure gens though right? Thats the answer pressure gens or switch to survivor. Between them near instantly fixing survivor issues and leaving killer issues for weeks to months its starting to obviously show what side the Devs commonly play.

  • DetailedDetrimentDetailedDetriment Member Posts: 1,797

    I'm a survivor main and I hate the Ruin changes simply because hitting great skill-checks is no longer rewarding. I guess we'll be seeing Lullaby more often though.

  • JacksansyboyJacksansyboy Member Posts: 174

    I don't like it because it rewards killers that apply pressure, but it doesn't help to apply pressure, unless you have surveillance. And i don't mean bad players, i mean killers that have to walk halfway across the map to do anything, when a quarter of a gen can be done in that time, and you might not be going to the right one. It's not a bad perk, it just doesn't do what ruin is supposed to do. Which was slowing the early game, not the late game. As a hex, it usually doesn't last long anyways, but it still helped. This perk does reward pressure, but doesn't help to apply pressure, and not many perks do. So this wasn't a rework, they just removed and replaced a perk with an unrelated ability.

    However. They did make some "smart" decisions with it's design, like how pop, a perk frequently used WITH ruin, doesn't work anymore, nor does surge or overcharge, but surveillance does. The limits are obviously upsetting, but it shows they were thinking of other perks when they changed it. It seems very bad now, and it is a tearing down the walls without removing the roof first kinda deal. But i hope that they actually have a plan with this, because they forced this change, didn't even mention it on the ptb survey, I'm hoping that they are planning on looking at what changes happen from this, and know what they are doing. Because it's not the best way to go about it, but this will give them more information on what's wrong with the game, and how to fix it. But they need to actually try to fix it, and soon, otherwise, this whole thing could explode if they are too slow defusing it.

  • JacksansyboyJacksansyboy Member Posts: 174

    They did a good job with the doc changes at keeping him the same, although they changed the snap out of it for no reason, that's the easiest thing to do, and they made it twice as easy. I would have liked it if Doc got stronger though, like the stance change is a slight buff, i guess, but he's one of the weakest killers, and they reworked him based on survivor's fun, not like a freddy rework to make him a little stronger. Honestly, instead of nerfing the strong stuff, they should buff the weak stuff, not just killer side, but survivor side too, like how they did kindred. It would make the game alot more interesting if all perks and killers were at least similar, not all have to be equal. But things like deja vu and beast of prey just suck.

  • BingbongbongBingbongbong Member Posts: 182

    Ruin was a band aid fix to a much bigger issue. I like that they had the idea to change it however, What I don't like is that they changed it without acknowledging the initial issue that caused ruin to be a must have perk.

  • JesyaJesya Member Posts: 1,031

    It doesn't bother me the actual change because I don't run hex perks.

    However, the way it was presented to us in the Dev update I still have a problem with. "Survivors feel.." "Survivors feel.." "Survivors feel.." "Survivors feel..""Survivors feel..""Survivors feel..""Survivors feel.." and nothing about the killer experience.

  • Ace_Of_SpadesAce_Of_Spades Member Posts: 51

    Well I'm switching to survivor only now. They can't take away a band aid from an open wound. Survivor is much easier now. It was already much easier than killer and now there really is no comparison. Plus it seems BHVR is keeping us under their skirts so it's just gonna get comfier. Feeling cute. Might start a thread saying Billy is OP later. Idk

  • Divinitye9Divinitye9 Member Posts: 392

    What I DO like:

    Ruin is no longer a "mandatory perk." I can finally open up my builds and try out new combinations. I have fallen in love with discordance, personally. I never used it before, and now I have added it in with my new builds. Good times.

    I don't have to fight ruin as a survivor. I understand why they changed ruin, because I am by no means a spectacular survivor. I can hit good skill checks all day long, but do struggle with greats.

    What I DON'T like:

    Issues that still plague the game. Map balance is absolute garbage. Huge maps with a non-mobile killer = immediate disadvantage to the killer. This is something that honestly needs to be addressed.

    Look, I understand WHY the devs wanted to change ruin. It's a terrible perk that is hurtful to new players. They don't understand its value at higher levels, however. Gen rushing teams and powerful SWF groups needed to be slowed down. This was a killer's only shot at providing a little relief. It's not uncommon to see one gen done before you even reach the other side of the map.

    Instead of making maps the size of Nebraska, they need to shrink them down so killers who have horrible mobility (the sheer majority of them) have a better chance.

  • Brucecastro81Brucecastro81 Member Posts: 1,609

    Survivor: More happy to not having to carry my teammates and doing gens without caring too much

    Killer: Happier to change my perk builds without relying too much on it

    Overall I'm happy with it

  • OmansOmans Member Posts: 419

    As far as I've read from all the dev posts they are either unaware or just don’t care about how bad so many of the maps are.

  • LmronbyLmronby Member Posts: 339

    It's not so much the Ruin Change, but more that Killers have next to Nothing to Effectively slow the game down, as Gens are fast and easy to do on maps that are as big as they are

  • feechimafeechima Member Posts: 554

    As a fairly new killer without the build I want on almost all the killers I play, the ruin change is going to make things more difficult for me. I won't play Trapper again until I can get Corrupt Intervention on him. However, being that I play on low to mid-ranks, I still encounter survivors that run off a gen the moment I approach. The immersed players are going to have to make a decision now, to get off the gen and let it regress or stay and face me.

    As a survivor, I am relieved. Skillchecks on xbox were a pita. ( I also play PC and that wasn't much of a problem. Even though I powered through ruin most of my team ran around like chickens. I started running Detective's Hunch to get rid of totems after I popped the first gen and I don't see that changing. I think Devour Hope will become more common and I'd still like to get the new ruin out of the way before survivors are pressured off gens.

  • 4fingeredfreddy4fingeredfreddy Member Posts: 34

    I honestly feel that ruin wasn't all that strong to begin with because it was still possible to get through it. Harder yes, but still possible. Imo I feel there needs to be a new perk or attachment for certain killers that an slow gen rush better and equally a survivor attachment that could speed it up. Or maybe just make gens take a little longer in general would be good route as well

  • honestlybaffledhonestlybaffled Member Posts: 175

    Upset, because as a red rank survivor and a purple killer, ruin is not really a big deal.

    Survivors matches are hella easy even solo and meaningless when I play with my friends who have also over 1k hours, even if you don't hit great skillchecks on ruin, it can still be burned through if you're in 2+ on the same gen and at 500h+ of DbD only, I can already hit my skillchecks, thus, making ruin useless, if I happen to stumble upon it, I break it just for the extra points, like I do with all totems, so yeah, if the point is to slow the game down a bit, it does the trick, if the point is to make us choose between taking someone off the hook or doing gens, then sure, good job.

  • brocktreebrocktree Member Posts: 37

    My problem is the word mandatory. My issue is the points it takes away from killer cause you can no longer kick gens

  • TheDizTheDiz Member Posts: 229

    it should be changed from a hex in my opinion and have a cooldown after hooking a survivor so it doesn't make the last 3 gens impossible. As a hex it's too weak since it's only going to be really good during endgame and 3 close gens. But the cooldown will make it so it still has a counter play. That's just from reading it since I haven't actually tried it yet.

  • ZtarShotZtarShot Member Posts: 621

    I like the concept, a killer who can apply pressure can really devastate a good team, but it is limited by the Hex part of the ruin

  • NickelXNickelX Member Posts: 20

    I think it isn't good, honestly as survivor i care less when they have ruin, in fact, it makes me hit great skill checks even more, and if i find it its gone if not then by the third gen someone gets it.

    On the killer side its the one perk that really slows gens until its broken, i mean corrupt intervention is a good replacement but won't replace old ruin and honestly at tier 1 the new ruin is a waste of a perk slot, its the same amount as you regularly kicking a gen and should not be a hex if it is for end game, unless you make the hex like noed and also increase the damage percentage or don't even make it a hex tbh also it should work with gen regressing perks such as pop, overcharge, etc. Idk just my opinion.

    No hex perk should honestly be reworked, easily counterable and if you don't think so, put on small game to help your gameplay and stop using the meta.

    Ok im done with my rant lol.

    Just my opinion welcome to disagree.

  • Kongtwenty12Kongtwenty12 Member Posts: 139

    @Jacksansyboy Doc got a lot stronger with his changes. Not having to switch stances is a pretty big buff, static blast makes it so that he can easily find survivors throughout the entire game not just at the start, and his shock therapy was made wider. After they fix some of the timing things like the delay and cool down on shock therapy doc is gonna be in a really good place.

  • JacksansyboyJacksansyboy Member Posts: 174

    Yeah, like i said, the delay and shock wait were unintended and he will probably be better when that's fixed, the shock blast isn't that good, and if there is a survivor in your radius, you probably already know they are there. Not changing stances is a buff, but not a big one, because even after they fix it, there is still a delay between shocks, just like with stances. All it will change is allowing you a free hit if a survivor runs into you while you are in shock mode, because now you won't have to switch stances. We haven't really seen what new Doc can do yet, but all in all, i don't think it's a nerf or a buff, it's just stupid that they changed him for "survivor's fun" and changed one of the weaker killers without buffing him. I would prefer having all the small killers and perks buffed instead of nerfing the bigger perks and killers. Then there would be more diverse gameplay.

  • MigrantTheGreatMigrantTheGreat Member Posts: 758

    Not really! I find survivor really boring and easy since there is nothing challenging about it.

    As a killer main, Ruin changes are going to make killer a lot more stressful and unfun due to my playstyle. I like for everybody to get as many points as they can get. If gens go by incredibly fast without some way to slow them down early match, there's no way to get many points

  • KrazyAce13KrazyAce13 Member Posts: 301

    just your first part is all i read spent time with little reward basically ok the can we bring up keys hatch, toolboxes buffs to med kits all the passive healing bs survivors have....

  • KrazyAce13KrazyAce13 Member Posts: 301

    once the slugging starts with thana they will change it just like they did with oni..

  • ElegantElegant Member Posts: 443

    I think they are aware at the state of the maps. But, it takes a lot of time and effort to fix them and they won't make any money off of fixing it. In their roadmap they promised that they would rework a map every so often as part of the year roadmap. But, even though they really need to just take a chapter off and focus on the maps, they very likely won't because of the drop in revenue it would cause. Personally I would be ok with buying a map update DLC that everyone needed in order to play the game if that would get them to focus on map changes. The maps are the only thing holding this game back. This is the only multiplayer game where i don't have a favorite map and don't really love any of the maps. I'm just indifferent to all of them.

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