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Survivors DC'ing doesn't give the killer points to rank up

mechamobibomechamobibo Member Posts: 1

I don't know if it is intended, but I had a game where I got a "Entity Displeased" after 3 DC's and a kill. I got bronze Devout Emblem. It's not fair for me as a Killer to get punished for survivors disconnects.


  • InTheBushes321InTheBushes321 Member Posts: 6

    This has happened to me on PS4 as well. Every single time since dedicated servers started, survivors Dc'ing provides no points in the Devout category.

    Just another new bug from everyone's favorite incompetent developers.

  • Xx_Daniel_xX69Xx_Daniel_xX69 Member Posts: 14

    lol I honestly thought that was meant to happen! My mindset was "the survivors didn't have fun and DC'd so I need punished" I've just stopped caring about the ranks because even as a green/yellow/brown rank killer you get red ranks in your game.

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