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Animation Bugs - Hooking/Breaking

MringasaMringasa Member Posts: 735

PC Platform

Had an issue on the Pale Rose map with the Hag being unable to hook someone. I had caught them at the exit gate, picked up and went to hook them at a nearby hook. I was unable to do so. It would give me the hook progress bar, then kick me out of the animation. It seemed like there was not enough room behind me for the Hag to complete the animation for the hook itself.

Have had this bug with other animations as well. In a house on Haddonfield, there was a generator I could not kick. It was the one upstairs in the room that spawns as a solo only generator. I would press spacebar, it would begin the animation, then it would stop the animation without providing any feedback. The generator was not throwing sparks, nor was it regressing.

The same bug as the generator one, being unable to break certain pallets. You get the progress bar, it begins the animation, then it just stops and you can't do anything with the pallet itself. Extremely frustrating as the Survivors can use the pallet as a vault, but you are stuck being unable to break it and render it useless for the rest of the match.

Not sure if these are general animation bugs, or something specific. I will start recording more matches though to see if I can reproduce them.

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