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Why'd match making suddenly become horrible?

NOEEDNOEED Member Posts: 4

I'm sorry, I'm aware that there's probably been a thousand threads like this already, but I'm just genuinely curious. Match making used to be a lot better (in my experience anyway), recently it's just been putting me with random people without regard of their rank.

I recently hit purple, hoping that the inconsistency would at least be less prominent, but there's no difference. I get paired up with yellow & grey ranks, even though I'm at purple.

Has anybody from BHVR spoken out on why it's like this? I really don't remember match making being this inconsistent.


  • snozersnozer Member Posts: 418

    They essentially removed ranks by changing rank reset to only drop you one tier red to purple etc. Survivor is so easy that everyone is starting to bunch up at red ranks through sheer play time rather than skill, while killers don't want to be red ranks and their emblem is difficult to pip with.

  • TheBeanTheBean Member Posts: 2,320

    Been like this since they released the last version of Match Making... It is staying like this, cause they gonna scrap what was done and redo it again.

    Be happy if you aren't waiting 20 minutes for a queue.

  • GodDamn_AngelaGodDamn_Angela Member Posts: 1,054

    Matchmaking was bugged before the Christmas Break so, because they wouldn't be around to address it, BHVR made some adjustments to make it faster to find games. This, basically, made it a free for all from my experience.

    They are currently working on fixes, though I'm not sure if they reversed what ever they did pre-Christmas.

  • Science_GuyScience_Guy Member Posts: 788

    Dedicated Servers.

  • ThasardThasard Member Posts: 182

    I concur. I'm getting long wait times, so I watch YouTube videos to pass the time, and then get paired with killers 8 or more ranks lower than me... If you play as Killer you get instant queues, yet PC is the exact opposite, instant queues for Survivor, 15-20 minute waits for killer.

  • TheHippoTheHippo Member Posts: 32

    Suddenly? Lmao where have you been these past few months?

  • ppo8820ppo8820 Member Posts: 661

    I get rank 5-8 survivors as a rank 15 killer and as a rank 6 survivor I’m getting rank 16-19 killers. Sucks all around

  • ppo8820ppo8820 Member Posts: 661

    That’s not it. You want it to be to prove this ruin nerf has cost the game killer players, but it’s been like this since way before the ruin nerf. Nice try though.

  • YakuzanMeYakuzanMe Member Posts: 2

    There may have been some match making issues in the past, but when the Hotfix 3.2.1 patch rolled out is when matchmaking went nutty. I play on both PC and PS4 and since this Hotfix both platforms March making had been stupid. This photo below was clipped from an OhTofu YouTube video, so credit goes to him. But as you can see, match making now looks for a killer based on lowest survivor rank in SWF lobby not the average of survivors rank in lobby like it did before this patch. This along with new rank reset are probably the main causes of the match making issues...

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,130

    The devs pretty much openend up the matchmaking so that everybody can get matched with everybody (no matter the rank), in order to help with queue times.

    Then there is also the problem that not enough people are playing killer. I don't expect that the devs will openly admit this, but it doesn't matter. It's clear to see when you take a look at the survivor and the killer queues.

  • scatscat Member Posts: 22

    Nah PC is also instant queue times for killer, I'm rank 8 killer and find lobbies in less than 10 seconds but for survivor it's about a 5-10 min wait

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 3,055

    This is the reason. And not "Nobody wants to play Killer". Because this does not happen from one day to another that hundreds or even thousands of Killer players decide "Nope, not gonna play anymore".

    Quite a good proof would be that since the Matchmaking Change, I did not verse any Streamer I versed before. Before I had a couple of Streamers which were at the same Rank who I had in game quite consistent. And this is not the case anymore, even tho they are playing at the same time I am playing.

    People who say that there are not enough Killers just want to spread a narrative.

  • OperationMintyHippoOperationMintyHippo Member Posts: 20

    When I play solo red rank survivor I end up getting low rank killers. But if I play red rank swf (with my other teammates ranging from purple to yellow ranks) we pull my rank of killer: a red rank. So I swear this has to do with the change they made to swf pulling for highest ranking survivor instead of averaging it out.

    Also when I solo queue I usually get one red rank teammate and their other 2 random ranking friends.

  • karlofflugosikarlofflugosi Member Posts: 30

    As the fun factor goes down, there will be fewer killers, longer wait times and even worse match making.

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