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Please add penalties for survivors that do nothing.

mmainmmain Member Posts: 257

Just got done with a match playing survivor. The match lasted 25 minutes, at least for me. During that 25 minutes I was chased repeatedly by the killer. I had maxed out in chase points within the first 5 minutes. I managed to do 4 generators by myself. I opened a couple of chests, and cleansed a couple of totems.

Until I was finally hung and kindred activated I never once saw any of the 3 other survivors. At that point I saw one in the basement. I saw one come out of a locker, and then go right back in, and never saw the other one at all. Not a single one of them even made an effort to come get me off the hook even though the killer did not camp.

If 60 seconds goes by and a survivor hasn't touched a generator, a totem, healed someone or been chased by the killer their aura needs to be shown immediately to the killer, even if they are in a locker, and they need to have their movement speed reduced to 50% until they do one of those things. Yes that means they likely get hit and taken down. They should. You can tell me all day long how they are already being punished because they aren't getting points. That obviously don't mind that they aren't getting points. If they did they wouldn't be hiding the whole match. The only thing that is going to make them change their behavior is implementing a system that doesn't give them what they want - an easy escape.

Don't get me wrong. It's not common to see 3 survivors all doing that in the same match, but I'm tired of playing matches where 2 or 3 survivors do all the gens, take all the risks and manage to get the gates open and here comes the other survivor or two that did nothing but hide the whole match go sprinting out the door.



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