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Tunneling vs gen rushing

NotactuallyhimNotactuallyhim Member Posts: 2
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This needs to be explained so killer mains can understand.

Why actual tunneling and gen rushing are different.

Gen rushing=survivors enter map and all immediately leap on generators (or if they came in together they jump on one.)

The killer player is still playing freely the entire time. If the survivors are together then he can still use perks or guard specific gens for a 3 gen strat. Gen time together was also nerfed.

If survivors are all on 4 separate gens he can go to any of multiple gens, and attack someone. Still playing freely. He can attack, lob bottles, guard gens, etc.

Tunneling: when a killer main specifically dedicates himself to killing a specific survivor fast as possible. Hooking that person fast as possible, guarding and/or downing them again as fast as possible. The survivor is not getting to play freely, he is spending his time on the hook and likely getting down seconds after being unhooked, then being hooked again for the most limited, restricted, and miserable experience possible. Survivors don't exactly have flamethrowers or pocketknives.

For a simple comparison:imagine playing Star Wars Battlefront. If your team is losing badly you can still give it your best shot. Flank the enemy, surprise attacks, etc. You can still play freely and make a valiant last stand, jump in a tank, put a turret down and duck and shoot from cover, etc.

Now imagine playing Star Wars Battlefront and instead of your team losing badly, an invinceable player dedicates themselves to killing you as soon as you spawn and your gameplay consists of running away then dying quickly. The other people on your "team" might win, but you're not playing freely, the game might as well a downgraded phone edition without half the game. Who on earth in their right mind would spend their free time on that?



  • CetrenCetren Member Posts: 916

    To answer the last question, assuming you're still playing the game, you would. You would spend your free time on that.

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 3,329

    Good comparison to Battlefront. DS and BT exist but both do very little against a persistent killer. Although both annoying, neither are a very big problem (save 4 toolbox deathsquad)

  • NotactuallyhimNotactuallyhim Member Posts: 2

    Ehhhh DS is 1 time use and requires someone to save you. From solo experience that's a fairly sizeable requirement. Thank you for a good comment.

  • WaffleyumboyWaffleyumboy Member Posts: 3,329

    Xbox? You don't happen to play p3 bill with christmas sweater do you?

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 1,092


    No dude if that happens it was just your lack of skill, just learn how to play your Killer dude! /s

  • CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 1,731

    Yes I do, 1 game I'm a p3 bill with christmas and then I change to Dwelf head with P2 body

  • CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 1,731
    edited January 16


    You're telling me that it takes you to traverse half of red forest/rotten fields in more than 28.57 seconds...? And that's 4 persons on a gen... How about 2 on one and 2 on another cause you said "2 gens got instantly done", You're telling me that it takes you to traverse half of red forest/rotten fields in more than 44.44 seconds...? And that most teams you get to play against behave like this...?

    Let me guess, you don't use reading perks like discordance, slowdown perks like CI or a fast phase killer like Spirit, Billy, Freddy, Demogorgon, Oni, Nurse? I'd say Huntress neither cause if you do use discordance on her you can land throws from pretty far away...

    No, better yet, you encounter 4 men SWF teams all with toolboxes and BNPs all the time or most matchs? Cause then both gens got fixed in 20 seconds each!

    Man, if that's an usual game for you you need to change your build... And you're just having bad luck...

  • ReallyBigShoeReallyBigShoe Member Posts: 556
    edited January 16

    Tunneling is absolutely a thing - since part of the killers objective is to patrol generators in ADDITION to kill the survivors. That's part of where the games balance is broken. It's 4v1, yet the 1 has so much more to do than the 4.

  • CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 1,731
    edited January 16

    1st than anything, you might be basing your argument on the fact that you'll always or most of the times face a 4 men SWF (statistics have been released about that and it's not a fact that it is that common) with toolboxes and maybe with BNPs... It's not usual, you can encounter them, but it's not usual...

    About the Myers part (NO RUIN):

  • CarlosyluCarlosylu Member Posts: 1,731
    edited January 16

    So... Let's stick to "every time we play killer we're gonna face a 4 men SWF with toolboxes"? It's not usual man, and about the builds, you need to pick a build to KILL the survivors, not random perks for you to have fun... Strategy

    I'm both red ranks in killer and survivor, I play as Trapper and GF main, are you telling me I'm having "good luck"...?

    EDIT: I forgot the Demi, yes, go against a red ranks P3 Demi and tell me how it goes for you

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