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Bill and Adam

Because Wes Craven is having some, uhhh, stuff happening, we won't be seeing anything happen to Freddy Krueger and Smith cosmetic wise until later on. So how about these two getting cosmetics


He has a small amount of cosmetics for a non-licensed character. He really needs some new cosmetics as its been too long since he has gotten some cosmetics. He needs some teacher like outfits.


(Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill!) He is licensed, but you guys can get some cool cosmetics for Bill. Including his beta outfits, his medical robe, young bill, and PD Bill.

Beta Bill-

Medical Robe Bill can be seen in "The Sacrifice" comic book series during his background, this is after he escapes from the hospital from the infected-

Young Bill, also seen in his background story-

Pay Day:Mercy Hospital Bill can be seen on the elevator ride down-


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