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The September 2020 Developer Update is now available.

Generators, Regression( Passive and Active) & Gates

The upcoming change to Hex: Ruin has me thinking that Regression should be updated generally and regression times decreased. For example currently a Gen at 99% will take just over 5 minutes to regress completely.

Regression should be split into two categories: Passive and Active

Passive Regression happens when the Generator is not being worked on. Active Regression happens after the Generator has been damaged by the Killer.

A passive regress rate of 0.66/67 charges per second, meaning that a 99% Gen will take 120 seconds to regress.

An active regress rate of 1.32/33 charges per second, meaning that a 99% Gen will take 60 seconds to regress.

I feel this change would actually reward killers for chasing survivors off Gens, it's not often a Generator is left for that length of time anyway unless it is late game and the killer has already eliminated multiple survivors.

Current Gen completion times would remain the same for Survivors.

The exit gates should also regress at a rate of 0.5 meaning after 40 seconds the gates will be back to zero. This forces Survivors to make a choice to either open the exit gates prior to any last minute saves or to commit somebody to the door.

This obviously doesn't address the larger problem of massive maps being hard to patrol but it at least ensures that patrolling is a bit more effective than it currently is.


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