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Community, which side do you mainly play on?

TheButcher12TheButcher12 Member Posts: 19

As a poll question said, which side do you main? survivors? killers? or even both?

The reason for this question is because i wanna do some research on a population on both the killer side and the survivor side. Plus, when i was playing as the killer, the queue time din't even take a minute, but on survivor side it took a while to find a match.

So i figured doing a poll is a good place to start, so doing this quick poll is appreciated :)

Community, which side do you mainly play on? 37 votes

BossrhaPandomSpacingLlamasJunkratFilledPizzatenoresaxLevitikaXx_Daniel_xX69InTheBushes321pizzamess 11 votes
FibijeanMaj33yMert_MKDreskikaratinac97anonymous31337thevilnoobschool 7 votes
Mc_HartyCrtKazzSlaughterhouse3Boosted_DwightsensualsatanMrPenguinAtrushan88MarksmanSpecaltoxicmeggAwakeyAhoyWolfBrucecastro81MrsGhostfaceSebaOutbreakPokemonGOPlayerMang_AnwarPokXenoraptor_RoseShinobuSK 19 votes


  • Mert_MKMert_MK Member Posts: 674

    Both but i choosed Survivor because that's the role i play more often.

  • SebaOutbreakSebaOutbreak Member Posts: 399

    I normally play Survivor when I'm with my group of friends, and Killer when I'm on my own.

    Also the waiting times depend on a lot of factors (time zone, your rank, rank reset, events, new killer/survivors, etc.), sometimes you'll find a game instantly as a Survivor, but not with Killer... the opposite can happen too. And sometimes both take a looong time.

    I wish we could get an estimated time while searching, so if I see something like "10 minutes estimated" I'll either change roles or not play at all. Because it's frustrating to wait a long time for a game only for it to end in 1 minute because of a DC in the loading screen, then go back to waiting.

  • InTheBushes321InTheBushes321 Member Posts: 72

    Used to be killer, but there are so many bugs lately with killer emblems, in addition to the terrible and nonsensical nature of the emblem system in general, I switched to both.

    Would be really nice if BHVR cared enough to fix their game.

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