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an incomprehensible word


We slightly increased the baseline distance between hooks on the map to increase the challenge for Killers.  - BHVR

What is a challenge? How do you mean?


  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 3,289

    You should not be able to hook two Survivors next to each other, resulting in an ez camp of two people.

    When it is like on the PTB, Hooks are still close enough to each other to guarantee a Hook, when you down a Survivor, no matter where you are (of course except when you are in an area where you already used all the Hooks...But this goes for all Maps).

  • Polychrome_BakuPolychrome_Baku Member Posts: 339

    I'm loving how everything lately has had the goal of "increasing killer challenge" and "decreasing survivor frustration". Beautiful.

  • YuyukoyayYuyukoyay Member Posts: 50
    edited January 19

    It's a post about how bad the game is for killer and that it used to be a lot worse. So there is no implied point, in fact it just enforces the fact that survivors are the main focus at the expense of the killer even more.

    The killer is in a position where it is literally impossible to do what the game expects them to do. Generally when it is possible it is using things to make the game worse or the survivors made mistakes/not good. Chasing is all killer can do, but it's only against one person in a game where gens can be done in 8 - 40 seconds. Don't bother with 80 that almost never happens, but even when it does. That is too short. Killers need enough time so when they make a few minor mistakes they don't outright lose the entire match because of it.

    Right now everything is hinged on killers playing absolutely perfectly, using the sweatiest perks and addons imaginable, high mobility, and you can't be lower than red rank skill anymore. That is too much stress on one role and ruin did illeviate some of that. However, people lost faith in the devs with this change. The devs are basically forcing you to bring mori's every game instead of fixing the game so it is fun and fair for both sides.

    What we are trying to prevent is survivor lobby's being 10-30 minutes just to go into a game with ghost using a mori with noed every game. If you allow the killer to play the game how they want then they will be a little more leniant in what they do.

    The 2 main concerns are matchmaking and gen speeds. If they actually address these outright then the game will be pretty damn close to perfect. Matchmaking can be fixed by reworking emblems so that pipping is based on kills alone. 2 black, 3 pip, 4 double pip. This actually seperates by skill. You see bad killers aren't going to kill 2 every game. Survivors can introduce extra credit in every category. Basically increase the maximum credit you can get in every category and increase the bloodpoints to be even across all actions, but while keeping the requirements only a little harder than they currently are so only good players pip vs high rank killers. This will allow good players to pip while playing how they want and not allow bad players to pip at all. The idea is to not allow bad survivors to pip vs good killers so they remain at a rank where they face killers their skill level. This also should ensure that they play with survivors their rank.

    SWF should probably be adjusted so you can only play with players your rank or maybe 1 level higher compared to the host of the party. This will limit the games of yellow or brown killers facing red or purple ranks. They should also rework all perks that are op in a SWF lobby that put the game balance in jeopardy. Like object of obsession leaking the location of the killer so the killer can't find anyone all game. This will probably make the matchmaking tolerable.

    They could also make ranking up take longer. So that it gives more time to settle into a rank than to basically freely give red to everyone. This is in addition to the above not an alternative.

  • anormalmananormalman Member Posts: 106

    They don't write a reason and the statistics. Just write "increase the challenge"

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