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I should have done this sooner than my current post count but...

HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 8,808
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Introductory, I never introduced myself to this community and now after....meh about over a year now have just entered in here without introducing myself

Hello, I am Hoodied, I prefer to be called that as well, but if you known me long enough to remember my older usernames from the past you can refer to me as those, some still call me Toxic, some still refer to me as Hooded, and so and so. I am a little young for this game, but honestly 15 isn't that bad for playing horror games in my opinion. I have been aiming towards learning alot about game development to sooner or later find a way to give Devs an idea towards a killer/survivor. If you find me on Xbox, you'll see "HoodiedBill" till I fix it. I do currently edit videos I post onto YouTube with "Movie Maker", as its one of my favorite things to do as some people (somehow) like it. I am straight, I should point that out, also am a male. When I started playing DBD during the 2017 All Hallows Eve is when I started loving this game, definitely didn't buy the game thinking Bill was on console. I stuck around afterwards cause I was playing Ace and David till I got enough money for Halloween, in which actually provoked me into watching the horror genre, learn the background of every killer so I can get more immersed into the game. The origin of my name is due to the fact that I enjoy hoodies, love em. Thats really about it...

If you wanna know anything else about me just ask, i'll answer it.

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